Eloping in Maui

maui elopingEloping in Maui can be a beautiful decision! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives…


From the rolling beaches with soft sand, the grassy knolls overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful aqua-blue morning water or bright or colorful sunsets…

Eloping in Maui can be the most romantic event of your lives! Last year, TripAdvisor ranked Maui as the Number ONE Island in the World for 2016.  This works for you and against you when it comes to planning a destination wedding here.

elope MauiFor You…

There are constantly great airfare opportunities and hotel discounts as there is more interest than ever in coming to Maui. Aloha Maui Dream Weddings also has Maui-specialized Travel Assistance available at no charge to you and your guests.


The beaches are more crowded and attempting to have that romantic, intimate wedding on the beach now requires that you use a Wedding Planner with experience and keen knowledge of the current state of things.

In the past you could walk down to any beach and have your ceremony. Now it takes careful planning to ensure that you have selected the right beach for the ambiance you desire.

That’s where our knowledgeable Team comes in!

Eloping in Maui.. What to do next

Kuya wedding minister mauiSo you’ve decided that eloping in Maui is right for you. Eloping in MauiWe’re sure you are filled with questions. We offer Live Chat, Email, Text and Phone Support 7 days/week because your questions might not always come up at such convenient times to pick up the phone.

Our Team works on weddings full time, every day. Whether you’re traveling from near or far, whether you’re coming alone or with your friends and family… eloping in Maui can be a hassle-free dream with the right help.

Contact us and let us help you with all the special details. We have Travel Agents, Wedding Designers, Nany Services, Concierge Services, Imagineers for Romance, and full time Wedding Planners available to you.


Eloping in Maui Stories…

Eloping in MauiEach of these stories have one thing in common – hassle-free planning with an incredible wedding day. Won’t you be next? (Click on images to enlarge them)


Eloping in Maui from the UK…
maui elopement

Meet Garry and Elaine from the UK. They were high school sweethearts that decided after 4 years together that they were too young to pursue such a serious relationship and sadly parted ways… maui elopement

That was back in 1981…

In 2012, they “bumped into each other”… and the spark was just as strong as it was 31 years prior.

It was in the Rock Club that amazing night that both their lives made a drastic and romantic turn. maui elopement

Garry says it was like a dream… then he found Aloha Maui Dream Weddings and he said his dream was complete. He had his wife, the beach, and the dream of a lifetime.


Eloping in Maui from Tennessee…

eloping on mauiMeet Yelanda & Montell. eloping on maui

This couple warmed our hearts and became instant Ohana! With her gorgeous gown and his matching suit they were the Belles of the Ball! What a gorgeous wedding they had!

Celebrating her first flight across the ocean, Yelanda had one amazing adventure after another. eloping on mauiAt one point, a rogue wave came up the beach and she and Montell ran for higher ground. The laughter than ensued made us all feel blessed and connected like an instant family.


Eloping in Maui from New Zealand…

Eloping in Maui

Meet Gaynor and Keri. Culture and tradition mean a lot to this amazing couple. From his traditional Maori Groom’s Sarong to their blessed accessories, they were able to bring a piece of New Zealand to the beaches of Maui.

Eloping in Maui

On their special day in Maui, they celebrated 29 years together! Keri says that Gaynor is a Maori woman with mana of her tupuna.  We asked them for their advice on exactly how to have a lifetime of happiness with the other?  “Hold steadfast to the love we have for one another especially in times of sadness, hurt, and pain.”

elopement in maui

Having a native Hawaiian of Maui to marry them helped them to feel the connection to each other and the land during their ceremony. It didn’t hurt to have the most amazing sunset that evening either…

We wish you a lifetime of new adventures and happiness!


Eloping in Maui from Australia…

elope Maui

Meet Carissa and Julie and their amazing family. They’re living proof of what dedication, compassion, love and laughter can bring to any family. The respect and admiration shown by these children only exemplifies the love they all share for each other. They returned to Australia and had a large, traditional ceremony afterward.

elope Maui

This family can create adventure anywhere they go and we’re very happy they chose Maui to start this next adventurous chapter! They requested a more private beach on Maui and with a little hiking we were happy to oblige.  We typically would have recommended this area for a morning wedding, but these gals wanted to push the envelope, and in return we were blessed with the run of the beach and an amazing sunset!

Eloping in Ma from Singapore…

Eloping in Maui

Once upon a time, two women had a dream of spending a lifetime together.Eloping in Maui Their Country doesn’t recognize them legally yet, but they wanted to make that romantic, heart-pounding, butterflies-in-the-stomach promise of commitment to each other. Here on Maui we recognize their desire and created a magical ceremony in a virtually private environment.

Eloping in Maui

Working with the couple across the miles, we wrote a personalized ceremony and created an intimate wedding day. We provided them with privacy on the beach and the religious aspects that were so important to them. When we met the couple in person, we all became instant friends. They invited our team to visit them in Singapore and we hope they’ll visit with all of us when they return for their anniversary.

Eloping in Maui from…

eloping in maui

Meet Markus and Gerhardt from Innsbruck. Their laughter will warm your heart and instantly draw you to them. eloping in mauiAfter 10 years together, they gathered their traveling friends and decided to tie the knot by eloping in Maui.

10 years later…

eloping in maui

The chose to add Hawaiian cultural traditions into their ceremony and to include all of their guests in a lei exchange. They say the secret to a long lasting relationship is to respect each other and always to forgive. From Austria to Maui they trekked to elope in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Mahalo!


We hope that we’ve encouraged you to consider eloping in Maui.  If we have, please click the LIVE CHAT Button in the lower right corner of your screen, or email us below. Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you all a lifetime of love and adventure! We offer VIBER and WHATSAPP for free international text and phone calls.

text or VIBER (808) 280-1551

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Maui Wedding Venues

Maui Wedding Venues… the best of the best

Kukahiko Estate weddingSmall, intimate but oh so very memorable….



What is on your wish list for your special day? Gone are the days of having to invite everyone you’ve ever met! Nowadays your special day is all about you and the love of your life with those friends and family close enough to drop everything for your special event.

Most people don’t have a list of invitees that necessitates a massive reception venue and so what to do if your guest list consists of only a few close friends and family but more than the intimate beach wedding concept?

Maui wedding venuesThe idea of a destination wedding at a Maui wedding venues is becoming not only extremely appealing, but quite often more cost effective than a “traditional” wedding . Just imagine how thrilled your guests will be to combine your magical day with a tropical island vacation? Not only will you and your other half never forget your wedding day but also those guests lucky enough to be with you will also hold your day forever in their treasured memories.


maui wedding beachThere are many places in the world that have experts that can create a destination wedding experience… places where you can put your wish list in someone else’s capable hands and just show up on that special day ready to be pampered. For my money though the places that top the list are places with sun, sand and sea. There is nothing like standing in paradise gazing at your love with the sun on your back and the sound of the ocean in your ears.


Maui Wedding VenuesSo what destination do you choose?

A place that would suit most any couple (and their guests) is Hawaii. And the pick of places in Hawaii is the wonderful island paradise of Maui. Maui is close enough from wherever in the world you’re traveling from, the weather is near perfect all year round and there are a couple wonderful venues to hold our special dream event.

In fact, choose Maui and a wedding planner like Aloha Maui Dream Weddings and there will really not be a lot more for you to worry about apart from what to pack in your suitcase.

Maui wedding venue viewSugar Beach EventsThey can guide you toward Maui wedding venues that will suit the number of guests you envision and take care of all the details so that your day will be absolutely perfect. Your options for a wedding that might cater for perhaps around 25-50 guests, vary from

  • a beach ceremony and reception
  • a chapel followed by a more traditional ‘reception’
  • a garden wedding and an elegant hotel reception
  • a private or semi-private venue wedding & reception all-in-one

Speak to the delightful team at AMDW, explain your dream and let them make it not only come true, but more memorable than you had ever hoped.

Deciding among the Maui Wedding Venues…

Maui wedding venueAnd if your vision is not quite “clear” they will help you find focus. They’ve done it all before and will listen and suggest what might work for you. They are tireless in finding perfection and can even help you understand your thoughts without you having to speak them. Put your trust and your dreams in their hands, you’ll be so glad you did. Of course if you know exactly what you want that’s great too, they will make sure that what you see in your mind translates into real life.


Maui wedding venueI can’t think of anything more elegant than pledging your life to your beloved’s and then strolling hand in hand into a flower and candle filled reception joined by only your closest family and friends. As the sun sets on your perfect day you will be over the moon that you chose Maui to start your married life together and I promise you, your guests will never forget your special day.



married in mauiI also promise that Maui will from henceforth be your favorite island in all the world – it is mine!

… submitted by Kellie J, former bride of Aloha Maui Dream Weddings

There is such a magical place where the property gracefully meanders its way to the edge of the ocean through the shaded boughs of aged trees. One such property is located on the western  coast of the island. Experience the combined luxury feel of old Hawaii with the conveniences of a modern Maui. A commercial kitchen, restrooms as well as changing rooms make hosting your wedding and reception an all-inclusive event with no need to move your wedding party from one location to another. Soft green lawns and swaying trees are inviting to your guests along with warm ocean breezes.

Wanting a Maui wedding venue with a more intimate feel? Enjoy beautiful island views from atop a hillside or set back with all the amenities of a larger venue but with a more personal feel. Serving staff waiting on your every need and your guests being entertained all night long. You won’t miss out on those romantic, sunset beach pictures either because beautiful beaches are within minutes.

Remarkable Maui sunsets combine to make your wedding day or night a truly memorable occasion. Whether your ceremony is held under the glowing Hawaiian sun or the twinkling tropical stars, Maui is an excellent choice for your wedding event.

Dreaming of Eloping on Maui

Dreaming of eloping on Maui (and ticking off some bucket list additions)?


eloping on mauiThere is a reason the Hawaiian people say “Maui No Ka Oi!” (Maui is the Best!).  It’s because it just is! It’s the reason why Oprah and many other highly visible individuals choose Maui as the place to escape to paradise. It’s the reason once you visit, you will forever long to return. The spirit of Aloha will remain in your heart long after your feet are back on home soil and will never quite leave you.

What better idea than eloping on Maui…

2016 vow renewalThe term ‘bucket list’ became popular a few years back and there’s a reason we should all make one.

Not only in the way that you need to tick off items before you shuffle off this mortal coil, but in the way of making lasting memories that will make your heart sing every time you remember them. Romance, love, incredible sights, sounds and smells… that timeless elegance of gorgeous sand and gentle waves… Elope on Maui and experience the wonder that delights so many already!

Eloping on Maui and Making Memories

Life is about making memories, not ‘who dies with the most toys wins’.  Go make a bunch of them!

Maui offers much for the ‘ticker of the bucket list’:

… from lazing on a pristine beach
… to peeking into the lives of some amazing sea life
… to thrill-seeking activities to wake up that adrenaline
… to the most stunning drive that you will see in many-a-lifetime.

Things to do in Maui 2016Spend a day on the Road to Hana. Whether you chose to rent the car of your dreams and drive yourself or if you feel your eyes will be too busy taking in all the gorgeousness to stay affixed on the road and you elect to take a guided tour. Whichever way you choose to see it, do! There are more waterfalls than you’ve imagined on one drive and each curve of the road will uncover another lush ‘wow’ moment.

Whatever else is on your list, be sure to include checking out our amazing waterfalls.


elopement packages mauiGo whale watching if you’re here in the winter!  Humpback whales make Maui their regular home and seeing these gentle giants is a once in a lifetime treat. Their smaller pals, the dolphins, also like to show themselves for your viewing pleasure and I know that watching these crazy clowns frolic definitely ticked off one of my list inclusions.

Likewise, Maui’s beautiful turtles, though not as large, are just as majestic and swimming with these beauties will fill your soul with a sense of calm. Check out a cleaning station or the turtle highway. Float on the surface and watch them feed or play.

Even just swimming through the warm clear waters without the company of any sea creatures is still one of the most delightful things to do. The clouds above reflecting on the surf… breathtaking.

maui vow renewal 2016If getting your heart pumping is more your style, then why not book yourself in for a zipline adventure. Maui offers choices from the kid friendly to soaring 90 ft above a canyon. It’s most definitely a different way to see this beautiful land and though it’s not on my list, for many of you it will be right up there (no pun intended!)

But maybe just slipping that ring on your wife’s finger and declaring your undying love will be adventure enough.

inclsive wedding packagesMake sure you take advantage of one of the many luaus available – please be sure to ask us which ones are worth the money so you’re not disappointed.

You will truly feel like you’ve experienced the Maui hospitality and become Ohana (family.) You will enjoy a beautiful meal whilst being entertained and leave feeling you have experienced the true Hawaii. If time is short for your elopement on Maui, we can bring the luau to you at your ceremony!

Your elopement on Maui is very special. It’s an opportunity to proclaim your love to one another and share new adventures for the first time. Our team can answer all your holiday questions – from planning the perfect personalized ceremony to selecting the best adventures to commemorate your holiday.

Molokai islandsAfter you’ve had your fill of Maui (and perhaps that moment won’t ever come,) it’s just a quick flight to visit some of Hawaii’s other attractions, such as the Pearl Harbor monument on Oahu or an active volcano on the Big Island. It’s flowing right now for the first time in ages and is a gorgeous site at sunset or sunrise.

After your morning elopement on Maui, take a helicopter ride over to Molokai and view incredible cliff walls, waterfalls and land untouched by technology. Buy the video and share with all your friends!

Mau Wedding AlbumSo make your list, grab your partner and get your flights and accommodations. Our travel agents can help with every detail for no charge to you.

Go make Maui your new favorite place. Begin your life’s adventure on one of the most romantic, beautiful Hawaiian islands… What’s better than eloping on Maui – book your package now and open the next chapter of your book.

That’s what I call making memories – you’ll come back with a heart full as well as a new husband or wife! All without the stress of a a big wedding planning. Eloping on Maui – We’ll make it easy for you. Just read about us here!

Maui Wedding Ideas for 2018

Exciting new Maui Wedding Ideas for 2018! Follow the trend of the Islands!

2018 Maui wedding ideas don’t have to be limited because you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii. Stretch your imagination and work with our talented team. Explore some of these 2018 Maui Wedding ideas yourself!

Beach Attire:

Maui Wedding ideasOur researchers anticipate that 2018 Maui Weddings will bring back the elegance in beach attire! As we approach the second half of 2017, casual-chic beach attire is ramping up.  2015 showed us tuxedos on the beach… 2016 went the opposite direction with the return of khaki pants and white button up shirts. 2017 brought in a nice mix of bow ties, colored pants, formal dresses and matching colors for guest attire. 2018 is expected to continue this wave of beach fashion with more mauve, burgandy and vintage Hawaiian colors.

2016 Maui Wedding ideasMake your wedding a notch above the rest by adding a subtle flair that denotes your personalities. It’s not simply about the bride anymore.  Another great Maui wedding idea- make a statement in your Maui wedding photos!


Maui Wedding Ideas: Ceremony

Maui wedding venuesSpice up your Maui Beach Wedding with the addition of a dove release or monarch butterfly release. Want a way to have your special guests feel included in the ceremony? Why not have them each release a butterfly or ask a parent to read a poem during your ceremony? Have someone with musical experience? Why not invite someone to sing at your wedding? Work with our amazing musicians to get just the right sound for your ambiance. A perfectly timed poem or scripture reading by someone dear to your heart can really elevate your wedding.


Maui Wedding Ideas: Reception

Maui Wedding CakesRather than ordering a wedding cake along with table centerpieces, why not order smaller wedding cakes and display them AS your centerpieces? It not only carries your theme throughout the room and allows for  quite the conversation pieces, but also allows you to stretch your budget for other exciting reception ideas. Imagine the intimacy it would bring when you and your spouse circulate toward the end of the evening and cut the first piece of each cake with those guests at the table. Your guests would feel your one-on-one attention and remember how unique you were to do that with them.

Donut CakeNot feeling the traditional wedding cake? Why not vote for a caramelized fruit tart, cupcake cake or a tiered donuts cake? 2016 Maui Weddings will have a number of fresh new, innovative choices for culinary delights.


Maui weddings CakesAmazing new bakers and culinary artists have been breaking into the scene this year, as well as tried-and-true shops stretching their creative boundaries. All this in preparation for a brighter, sweeter 2018! Pictures printed on rice paper with edible ink… bamboo twigs made of frosting… decorations of spun sugar and local florals.

Let your imagine flow or let our design team advise you. We can take any Maui wedding idea and make it into a dream wedding!


Maui Wedding ideasTrying to decide whether or not to hire a DJ for your smaller reception? Consider this: Working with our talented and personable DJ ahead of time can shape your evening into the style of party you want it to be. You can spend hours making decisions on the decor with your Maui wedding planner only to find that your guests don’t want to leave their seats. Your DJ can keep the flow going as well as ensure you don’t miss special, unique moments. Maui Wedding IdeasFor example… are you inviting little ones to your reception? Why not include them by adding a teddy bear toss before the garter & bouquet toss? You’ll enjoy the enthusiasm from the kids and parent alike while getting everyone in the mood to continue the party out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

Maui wedding ReceptionsLooking for an innovative way to remind your guests of all the fun times that led up to your special day? Why not work with our designers to create a video slide show that you can display at the reception? We can set it up on a laptop with loop or use our portable video projector to bring your adventures to life! You can create a designer card table to captivate your guests as they arrive at your reception. We can tie in your theme and leave your guests talking about your special day for months to come!

Don’t let the idea of a destination wedding limit your creativity. Planning a wedding and reception from miles away can be easy with the right wedding planner and design team. Your intimate beach wedding can be absolutely amazing and your reception will leave your guests talking about YOUR wedding above all others. If you’re only inviting your closest friends and family (ohana), don’t let that stop you from creating your dream experience. We can arrange intimate receptions as well as full scale fairy tale moments. Give us a call to discuss your vision!


Aloha Maui Dream Weddings


Gay Weddings, oh so romantic!

Gay weddings in Hawaii – who should you contact for help?   What does Maui offer?

gay weddingsBeautiful blue skies that the trade winds have gently swept clean for your special day.

Warm sand between your toes.

The spirit of aloha present in your ceremony.

The magic that only an island wedding can provide.


Which island should you pick for gay weddings?

gay weddingsOf course I’m going to say Maui – I’m biased. There’s magic in Maui that makes everything absolutely breathtaking. Gay weddings on Maui means you have vivid colors, warm temperatures and a community that welcomes you no matter if you’re marrying your high school sweetheart or the soul mate you met last year. Maui offers parks, rain forests and a volcano to provide different backgrounds to your beautiful ceremony. Walk the beach hand-in-hnd, kiss your partner… There’s so much life on Maui – it’s no ka oi!

There’s so many beautiful places to marry on Maui. Some require permits, insurance certificates or permission from the owners. Knowing where you can marry on a budget or which exotic estate can be rented is my job. Your job is to pick the perfect partner and then have the rest handled by passionate, professional Maui locals. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience, stress free. We pride ourselves in “For Family, By Family.”

gay weddings

What do YOU want in the way of gay weddings?

Some people want a traditional island wedding – sunsets and sand between their toes. Others want a roaring Harley Davidson ride up to the crater to marry with a breathtaking view of the Pacific as your backdrop. Others still may choose a romantic sailboat adventure out in the Bay surrounded by whales, dolphins and aqua waves. Maybe you have a cultural ceremony to include with your island wedding. Maybe it’s just the 2 of you eloping in front of a waterfall… You dream it, we build it.


What should your Maui Wedding Planner offer you?

lesbian weddingsWe want you to have the wedding of your dreams without the stress. We provide all the planning guideline you require – from doing everything for you to helping you design and create from abroad.

Aloha and welcome to Aloha Maui Dream Weddings where we aim to make your life simpler and your ceremony unforgettable! Please read our reviews!



Hawaii Beach Weddings

When you consider where to have your Hawaii Beach Weddings, move Maui to the top of your list.

beach weddings mauiThere are more grains of sand on the beaches of Maui then could ever possibly be counted. Each one appears to be similar to the next but actually each one is as unique as each one of us.

The eons of time and tide shaped each grain to make it perfect.


Beach WeddingsAnd when you stand at the edge of the ocean holding the hands of the one you give your love to, each grain of Maui sand, impeccably crafted by nature, holds you steady and true.

Sun warms your skin, love warms your heart, and following the same timelessness that it took to shape the sand, you wed. Your words to each get caught on a breeze and carried off into eternity.

No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa
from this day, from this night, forever more.

Hawaii Beach Weddings for eloping

vow renewal mauiThe beauty of simple Hawaiian beach weddings is that it allows couples to just ‘be in the moment’. It is impossible to not feel every emotion as well as every warm breeze. To hear every word spoken and also hear every wave caress the shore. Simple, yet incredibly elegant and intimate. And so memorable. Maui offers many beaches that offer that feeling of privacy – very much the opposite of Waikiki.

Eloping in MauiThe Hawaiians have such beautiful ways to express love, joy, and happiness. Somehow expressions of love just sound more warm when they are wrapped with the Hawaiian language.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No;
I give my love to you, you give your love to me.

Uncomplicated, heartfelt, meaningful words that speak of commitment and adoration.

Please let us help you plan your unique, personal, and very memorable day. You are our Ohana for the day, our family, and we want your beach weddings to be everything you dreamed.

Aloha Maui Dream Weddings is ready to help you now! Plan your elopement for next week or your wedding for 100 friends next year. Our team can’t wait to start helping you.

Mahalo nui loa!

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Eloping in Hawaii

So you’ve decided that eloping in Hawaii is right for you!

Welcome! E komo mai! Let us show you why Maui is ideal!

Affordable destination weddingsRather than spending insurmountable hours working out where you’re going to put Auntie Joan so she won’t offend your new family or why you have to invite cousins that you haven’t seen since you were 16… why not put your special day in the hands of one of Maui’s award winning wedding companies who will take all the stress out of planning your special day (well apart from maybe picking a dress – you’re on your own with that one!)

Maui wedding receptionsA wedding in Maui can be as intimate or lavish as you choose. Anything from a simple ceremony on the beach to a chapel wedding followed by a reception. Your wedding planner will coordinate with you via phone, email, Live Chat or text (the wonders this day & age brings the world so close) to make sure that your vision is bought to life.

eloping in HawaiiAnd if you’re sans vision we can suggest designs for you! We can arrange as little or as much as you need – from simply the wedding license appointment to hair and make-up, flowers and transportation. Allow our professional team to take all of the stressful arrangements out of your trembling hands and onto their professional shoulders. (Speaking of trembling hands, do get a bouquet – it gives you something to do so the trembling is not so visible!)

There will always be a large selection of ‘wedding companies’ and once again in the days of the internet, there will be plenty of reviews to help you narrow down just who you want to take care of you.

eloping in HawaiiChat online and you will get a feeling for whether or not we are right for you. Then let us take care of you and all your questions. We know the lay of the land, good spots for your pictures, where to eat and who will make you look even more like a princess. It may be very unlike you to let go of the ‘to do’ list,  but consider doing so and revel in the feeling of your shoulders being free.


Then just pack your bags, head to paradise and marry the other half of your dreams.

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Married in Maui

Married in Maui… how does one plan for this when you live more than 3,000 miles away? Eloping in Maui can be an incredible experience – if you allow the right wedding planner to guide you through the process. From international marriage licenses, reservations at all the hot spots and assistance with pre-planned romantic gestures for your spouse, our team can assist with all your needs.

Follow along on one of our Australia bride’s journey… when she was

Married in Maui

Once upon a time a (not so young) lady was planning her nuptials. Sadly she had been down that aisle once before but that is another story and one that is not at all relevant to this tale.

Married in MauiShe (the not so young lady) was trying to work out what she wanted for her special day. She was not looking for the full on extravaganza complete with every relative, 6 bridesmaids and a fluffy white dress. Her betrothed on the other hand had not tripped his way down the aisle before and wanted to make some sort of a fuss (and rightly so.) They were both of the same mind however that when it came to a wedding they wanted it to only be about them.

So she made a list of things she would like (and of course consulted the lovely fella) and they agreed that they would love to pledge their love for one another with the sun on their backs and the sand between their toes. Weather in their part of the world (Australia) could be either fantastic or something that might destroy good hair and makeup so they came up with the idea to combine their wedding with a honeymoon and choose somewhere they would love to spend their first days as husband and wife. Once again they compared notes on places on their ‘bucket lists’ and thankfully right at the very top of both was Hawaii. A little more discussion and they both came to the conclusion that being married in Maui might tick off all the boxes on their wish list, and offered everything they were dreaming of.

married in mauiI did forget to mention that the NSY lady was a teeny tiny weeny bit of a ‘control freak’ so the only thing that was worrying her was to let go of most of the planning of their special day and place it in the hands of someone on almost the other side of the world who she had never met! Luckily enough an internet search (and perhaps the universe) pointed her towards Aloha Dream Weddings and from the very first ‘chat’ via email, she felt that their wishes were understood and she could leave so many of the details in the hands of Darci. Poor Darci may or may not have had to answer a myriad of questions which kept popping up but she did so with absolute grace and the utmost patience and at no time did the NSY lady feel worried or concerned that their vision was not understood. In fact don’t tell anyone, but she kind of enjoyed the letting go of doing everything once she realized that Darci was in total control and understood what they were looking for better than even they did. We let Aloha Maui Dream Weddings take care of getting us married in Maui.

Accommodation and plane tickets were booked and the search for a dress (and something fancy for the fella to wear) began but that was all they needed to worry their pretty little heads about. Darci suggested where and when (and even provided times for the sunset) and arranged every little thing from the fabulous memory capturing talents of Penny Palmer Photography to the licence appointment and a couple of gorgeous hair and makeup gals to ensure that the NSY lady looked quite frankly the best she had looked in many a year.

married in mauiTheir married in Maui day was everything they had wished for. Her fella had to wipe away tears when he watched her walk towards him along the beautiful beach setting Darci had chosen and the ceremony she wrote for them after ‘listening’ to who they were was truly perfect. The beach was all theirs and their magical ceremony was just about them – exactly as they both wanted without truly knowing that they did and if you ask them both today (2 blissful years down the track) if they would change anything there is not one thing that comes to mind.

And … they lived happily ever after

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Beach Weddings in Maui

Beach Weddings in Maui are the hottest trend in destination weddings for 2017 and 2018! But is a destination wedding really for you?

beach weddings in MauiWhat does the word ‘wedding’ conjure up for you? Are you someone who’s been planning since you were 9 and have a well thought out scenario full of musts? Do you want to spend your life’s savings and your firstborn to put on a shindig to impress your nearest and dearest and allow all your besties to show up in a taffeta gowns?

If that’s what you’ve been dreaming of all your life then far be it for me to change your long made up mind.

beach weddings in MauiBut what if you’re looking for something ‘more’…

Why not consider a Destination Wedding like beach weddings in Maui?

Instead of an indoor church setting, let the outdoors be where you celebrate your first marital steps with your best friend…

Be married somewhere beautiful, somewhere you might choose for a honeymoon…
somewhere so spectacular your jaw will still drop when you look at your wedding pictures on your 10th anniversary.

The choices are endless. Your wedding can be intimate with just the two of you or still include your nearest and dearest and all their “plus ones”. The choice is up to you. We will make it happen.

beach weddings in MauiThere are a myriad of stunning places in our wonderful world to choose from but for my mind when I hear the term “destination wedding” I can’t help but think of somewhere with sand and sunshine… The sound of gently rolling waves crashing onto the shore.

When I think of those things, Hawaii is somewhere that ticks all the boxes on my wish list.

Maui beach weddingsWhen it comes to the Hawaiin Island Chain,

you have the crowded, fast-paced Oahu,

the quiet, open-spaced Big Island…

or you can choose somewhere that’s not overflowing with tourists brandishing selfie sticks – check out beach weddings in Maui!

There’s so much variety amongst the Islands… talk to us when making your decision for where to have your destination wedding.

So let me paint you a new picture.

You and the love of your life standing on the sand with the waves rolling quietly in the background.

maui elopementMaybe there are some important people in your life there to share your joy or maybe it’s just you and your beloved (and a minister and photographer) and it’s only about you and the promises you wish to make to one another.

The sun sets as you pledge your love and then skip down the sand towards your new lives together.

Sound tempting?

It is.

Beach Weddings in Maui!

Email us today and make your dream a reality!


Gay Weddings Hawaii

It’s all about gay weddings Hawaii Style…
Gay Weddings Hawaii
It’s your dream wedding. The one you’ve been planning in your head and your heart since you were young. Now you stand looking into the eyes of the person who will become your spouse, your partner in love and life and beyond.
Fine grains of sand nestle between your toes and warm breezes carry your words of love and commitment across the blue waters of a timeless ocean.

THIS is the wedding that you want!

It’s time to celebrate Gay Weddings Hawaii Style!

gay weddings HawaiiSo just how DO you go about planning and holding gay weddings in Hawaii? Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Of course you’ll need to do some planning and coordinating but Aloha Dream Weddings can help with the process. We can guide you through many of the details, make suggestions for lodging and help plan your ceremony.

Here are some tips on marriage licensing in Hawaii:

Gay weddings HawaiiGay weddings in Hawaii have been legal since 2012 and obtaining a license can be accomplished on line at:
The fee is $60 plus a $5.00 portal fee. You’ll need to use the license within 30 days so make sure you work out travel details prior to filling out the application and paying. You DO NOT have to be a citizen of the state of Hawaii to obtain the license. Other licensing information that is helpful:

~ There are no state residence or U.S. citizenship requirements.
~ Blood tests are not required.
~ The legal age to marry is 18 years for both applicants.
~ Applicants of 16 or 17 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents, legal guardian, or the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
~ Applicants of 15 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents or legal guardian, and the written approval of a judge of the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
~ Proof of age is required. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under. A valid I.D. or driver’s license may be presented for anyone 19 years of age or over.
~ If previously married, proof of original divorce decree or death certificate needs to be presented to the marriage agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.
~ Cousins may marry. However, the blood relationship between the prospective applicants cannot be closer than first cousins.

Gay Weddings HawaiiAfter your Gay Weddings Hawaii Style, your marriage license will be filed with the state by your Aloha Dream Weddings officiant and once they are processed by the state your marriage is recorded.




Gay wedding HawaiiNow all you have to do is confirm your gay weddings Hawaii date with us, get tickets in hand, pick out the perfect Hawaiian beach wedding clothes, invite your loved ones (or have a private ceremony) and come to the land of Aloha!



You have been dreaming of this for a lifetime. And now your dream can come true. Maui is fast becoming the number one gay weddings in Hawaii location and your dream is now a reality.

Gay wedding Hawaii

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