Gay Weddings Hawaii

It’s all about gay weddings Hawaii Style…
Gay Weddings Hawaii
It’s your dream wedding. The one you’ve been planning in your head and your heart since you were young. Now you stand looking into the eyes of the person who will become your spouse, your partner in love and life and beyond.
Fine grains of sand nestle between your toes and warm breezes carry your words of love and commitment across the blue waters of a timeless ocean.

THIS is the wedding that you want!

It’s time to celebrate Gay Weddings Hawaii Style!

gay weddings HawaiiSo just how DO you go about planning and holding gay weddings in Hawaii? Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Of course you’ll need to do some planning and coordinating but Aloha Dream Weddings can help with the process. We can guide you through many of the details, make suggestions for lodging and help plan your ceremony.

Here are some tips on marriage licensing in Hawaii:

Gay weddings HawaiiGay weddings in Hawaii have been legal since 2012 and obtaining a license can be accomplished on line at:
The fee is $60 plus a $5.00 portal fee. You’ll need to use the license within 30 days so make sure you work out travel details prior to filling out the application and paying. You DO NOT have to be a citizen of the state of Hawaii to obtain the license. Other licensing information that is helpful:

~ There are no state residence or U.S. citizenship requirements.
~ Blood tests are not required.
~ The legal age to marry is 18 years for both applicants.
~ Applicants of 16 or 17 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents, legal guardian, or the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
~ Applicants of 15 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents or legal guardian, and the written approval of a judge of the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
~ Proof of age is required. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under. A valid I.D. or driver’s license may be presented for anyone 19 years of age or over.
~ If previously married, proof of original divorce decree or death certificate needs to be presented to the marriage agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.
~ Cousins may marry. However, the blood relationship between the prospective applicants cannot be closer than first cousins.

Gay Weddings HawaiiAfter your Gay Weddings Hawaii Style, your marriage license will be filed with the state by your Aloha Dream Weddings officiant and once they are processed by the state your marriage is recorded.




Gay wedding HawaiiNow all you have to do is confirm your gay weddings Hawaii date with us, get tickets in hand, pick out the perfect Hawaiian beach wedding clothes, invite your loved ones (or have a private ceremony) and come to the land of Aloha!



You have been dreaming of this for a lifetime. And now your dream can come true. Maui is fast becoming the number one gay weddings in Hawaii location and your dream is now a reality.

Gay wedding Hawaii

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Gay Marriage in Hawaii

Gay marriage in Hawaii is not only romantic, but now it’s easy to plan from home. With so many gay and lesbian couples looking to the Hawaiian Islands for the wedding of their dreams, there’s now an easy way to book that special day.

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gay marriage in HawaiiAre you considering an intimate beach wedding?

Toes in the sand,

Leis around your neck,

Palm trees swaying,

and ocean waves tickling the shore…


gay marriage in Hawaii Are you considering a full gala with all your family and friends?

Dressed up in tuxedos and formal gowns,

Ambiance of a Private Estate on the ocean’s edge or Secluded Beach,

Catered by the best Foodies on Maui,

Celebrating the most incredible day of your lives…


Gay marriage in Hawaii is the ultimate in romantic destinations.

gay marriage in HawaiiHowever you envision your special day, gay marriage in Hawaii is the place to do it. We have a team of professionals specializing in every aspect of your holiday.

From Experienced Designers to Romance Experts, Travel Agents to Nannies, Food Delivery Servers to Private Chefs, Concierge Services to Drivers….

We’ve got your gay marriage in Hawaii requirements covered. We will walk you through the steps for your marriage license and help you plan every detail of your ceremony celebration. You can stay focused on work and preparing for your vacation.

lesbian weddingWe have the Maui Imagineer on staff to help you plan romantic surprises for your fiance. Even if you aren’t the most romantic person in the world, we have you covered. It will be a vacation you’ll never stop bragging about. Set your budget and let the Maui Imagineer begin designing your magic moments. Each recommendation is specifically designed for your likes and dislikes as well as the level of adventure you want to offer your fiance. Give it a try!


Maui gay weddingsGay marriage in Hawaii should be celebrated, not stressed over. Maui is a very gay-friendly island and you’ll feel comfortable from the moment your feet touch the ground. We can provide transportation, airport lei greetings and even ready-made picnics for after your long 6+ hours of flight. We will help you plan down to every detail to ensure you have the most wonderful experience!

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Molokai Adventure for your Honeymoon

I’m always being asked what the perfect day after your ceremony could include. You might want to consider a helicopter adventure! I recently had the opportunity to go with my favorite Maui helicopter company, Blue Hawaiian,  on a tour around the West Maui Mountains then over to explore Molokai.

Blue Hawaiian HelicopterBlue Hawaiian offers one of the best safety ratings on Maui and to me, that was number one. Mau airportI personally know one of the lead mechanics and I can only imagine that if he does his job there anything like how he cares for his family and community, then we can expect the best opportunity for all-round safety.


The Molokai Adventure Begins…

Road to HanaTaking off over the airport, we headed out toward West Maui. At first we saw the bluffs that I’ve seen many times when heading toward the Road to Hana.

West Maui MountainsBut then, we passed a bend and began a magical, mystical adventure. Bluffs reached to the sky and waterfalls embedded into the forests. Our pilot was our tour guide and answered our questions along the way.

Maui secret hikesThis West Maui Mountains tour was breathtaking and offered views that were unimaginable from the surface roads below. If you’re not a hiker, you’ll appreciate being able to get into these remote areas.

Molokai islandsAs we left Maui behind, we crossed the narrow straight over to Molokai. The water became a deeper blue and the landscape changed.

Native HawaiiansMolokai is a magical island. With most of the population being Hawaiian, they are very self-sufficient. Molokai is not an Outsider island – you won’t find a Four Seasons Resort here!

Molokai toursMolokai offers valleys filled with beautiful fruit orchards and beaches empty of  resort umbrellas. You really need to schedule your helicopter tour to experience this first-hand. It was absolutely breath-taking!

leper colonyIt wasn’t until the early 1800’s that Molokai was affected by Westerners but this island is probably best known for what is referred to now as the “Leper Colony” overseen by Saint Damien (seen at the far right point).

Molkai represents a very spiritual and deep connection between man and land. As of a decade ago, Hawaiians still made up half the population of Molokai. Generations have passed the land and culture down to their offspring. You can see the towns from this helicopter tour.

Hawaiian fish pondsThe first known arrival of Polynesians in the Hawaiian Islands was here on Molokai, in an area now know as the Halawa Valley in 500-600AD.

As we headed back to Maui, we could see the narrow, cliff road that encompasses the island, including the portions not allowed by rental car companies. You could see great places to hike, the West Maui blow hole (known as Nakalele Blowhole) and Honolua Bay (an incredible snorkleing and surfing spot).

Maui toursMany of the views seen from above will never be experienced first hand unless you check out one of these tours – even with the best island hiking guides.

So wouldn’t you agree that experiencing this breathtaking adventure would be incredible on your wedding day? Let our Concierge Services help you with reservations. Ask us how. Aloha!

Darby approaches and Ohana Step Up

A Day of Darby…

It’s days like today that I am reminded why I am so honored to be able to call Hawaii, “Home”.  As Darby approaches we are flooded by reminders of what needs to be done in preparation. News and Social Media explain about the Hawaii tropical storms and how they could possibly affect our island chain.

Be kind during Darby…

Palauea BeachThose closest to me, my ohana, share posts about helping their older neighbors load a case of water into their trunk, or carry in their patio furniture. There are lots of posts on social media about undesirable behavior too, but thankfully none from my kin. My kin, my ohana, are volunteering and watching out for their neighbors. I’m proud of all of you.

Hurricane DarbyMost Hawaii tropical storms pass by us with minimal impact. Darby looks like she may wield a bit more water than we’re used to which  means we will encounter flooding, mud slides and possible power outages with only our ohana to turn to for help. Living on an island 2500 miles away from the nearest neighboring state means that we, as a Community, need to band together. We are strong and once everything is prepared, it’s time to sit back, pray for blessings and watch it roll by.

DarbyI am proud to live in a State where we help our neighbors. I am proud to have Ohana that care about the safety and well-being of the person down the street, even if we don’t know them personally. This is the type of Community that I wish all neighborhoods could experience in every state. No need for pushing and shoving – no need for hoarding and fighting. We each take what we need then come together and watch it pass.

I wish all my ohana safety and blessings over the next 48 hours.

Aloha oe!

Maui Elopement – Made Easy

Is a Maui elopement in your future? Congratulations!

elope on mauiYou are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. We are experts in this area – we have fantastic Maui Elopement Packages for you and can help with every part of your Maui adventure.

Maui Elopement – Questions to ask yourself

Maui ElopementThe first question you really need to answer is, “Are you truly okay being married away from family and friends?” Is there anyone that will not be there that you will regret later? Can you celebrate with everyone back home after your Maui elopement?

If you are confident in your decision to have a Maui elopement, then you are ready to begin your adventure. The package listed below has that perfect balance of intimacy, personalized ceremony, elegant flowers and the edited images for you to share with your loved ones when you return home!

More packages are listed here.


  1. Maui ElopementWork with a team that is experienced in destination weddings so you can be confident that everything is being handled. Confirm that the company is even on Maui by asking up front. You want a Coordinator that will guide you through every step so you can continue your daily life without interruption. Do you feel confident and comfortable with the person you speak with when you book? We are centrally located near Wailea and use our business connections to save you money and provide the best possible locations – from private beaches to private dinners afterward. We’ve won Best of Consumer Services 2 years running and Couples’ Choice Awards Worldwide 3 years running.
  2. Maui ElopementDecide how important photography and videography are to you. Will you use these pictures during a reception back home afterward? Will you want to create an art wall piece on canvas or metal later? Do you want to tell the whole story – from Getting Ready to Trashing the Dress? These decisions will drive your price and your decision of which company to trust. Pictures on a website sometimes are just that – website images that may not reflect the work of the photographer they may assign to you. Ask! Our packages predominantly use Award Winning Photographer,  Penny Palmer Photography, rated 5 stars more than 100 times.
  3. Maui ElopementSelect a package that allows you to add on the components that will make your wedding special and unique to you. Don’t settle for a ceremony that won’t be personalized or a package that won’t let you modify. This is YOUR special day and even though it is a Maui elopement, you do not need to sacrifice any of your dream wedding moments.  Our ministers personalize every ceremony and our packages and add-ons are designed to  guide you. After all, this is our chosen field and we don’t expect you to be an expert. We also understand that you have a life that needs to be attended to – let us worry about everything here on Maui for you.

Our most popular Maui Wedding Package:

“Plumeria17” Beach Wedding Package on Maui, $895

Maui Weddings
  • Coordination of your special Maui Wedding
  • Maui Wedding Concierge Services
  • State of Hawaii Licensed Minister
  • Personalized Hawaiian Ceremony
  • Conch Shell Blow
  • Unity Sand Sculpture Ceremony, Keepsake Vessel
  • Commemorative Wedding Certificate
  • 2 Fresh Tropical Wedding Leis
  • Celebratory Toast on the Beach
  • Beach Permit and State Mandated Liability Insurance
  • Assistance with Marriage License Appointment, Available Add-ons
  • Professional Photography up to 1 hour, ceremony candid coverage & posed portraits after ceremony
  • Full online gallery of all images (edited)
  • Photos Delivered: 20 high resolution digital images of clients’ choosing
  • Deposit required – $450
  • Add HD Video, limo service or private dining to this package easily

Additional Wedding Package Options Available HERE (click here)

“Maui Elopement Add-Ons”

Maui Elopement

That moment when you realize you’re married…

Email us now and let us take the worry away – Congratulations on your engagement!

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Maui – the story of Joy and Colby’s Wedding


Memorable Maui WeddingsHere at Aloha Maui Dream Weddings, we specialize in destination Maui weddings. We offer every couple the ability to plan their dream wedding from afar without the stress or frustration that might happen without a specialist.  We work on a timeline specifically designed for the details of your perfect day and we let you know as each milestone is approaching what decisions you need to make. You don’t have to be here on Maui to plan your beautiful Maui wedding!


Maui Weddings 21We were honored to be asked by Joy and Colby, a local couple, to help them plan their dream wedding for this April. Aloha Maui Dream Weddings took on all of the planning, as we would with a destination wedding couple, and left Joy and Colby to manage their everyday lives with their adorable new baby boy.

Maui Weddings 1Maui Weddings 2Arriving in a brand new Cadillac limousine at their Maui wedding location, the women were full of smiles and laughs! Of course the gents in their fabulous tuxedos had to arrive earlier.


Maui Weddings 4Joy’s Father escorted her down the aisle  to a very enamored groom.


Maui weddings 3It was obvious to anyone who saw him that this angel in white was his best friend and soul mate.

Maui Weddings 10aWith their families crying tears of joy, they watched and cheered and snapped Instagram selfies for everyone unable to attend. Hashtag that night should have been #MauiNoKaOi (MauiIsTheBest) because the weather was gorgeous and the beach near-empty.



Maui Weddings 5Maui Weddings 6The flowers popped against her flowing white gown  and the bold tuxedos.



Maui Weddings 7Maui Weddings 8

Each look exchanged, each touch shared reminded us all that these two are meant to be with one another.

Maui Weddings 9Maui Weddings 10From the moment they met each other on Kamaole Beach, to the moment he slid the ring on her finger, they’ve been building a life together. Today they became Husband and Wife.

Maui Weddings 11Maui Weddings 12An adoring husband, a proud Father.

A loving wife, a nurturing Mother.


Maui Weddings 13Maui Weddings 14

Maui Weddings 15


Together, forever…

Hand in hand.






Maui Weddings 16

Maui Weddings 17





Maui Weddings 18Maui Weddings 19

Maui Weddings 20

It was truly a magical evening from the flowing rose petal path to the incredible reception dinner afterwards… these two lovebirds will always be part of our Memorable Maui Weddings!


Aloha e mahalo!

Aloha Maui Dream Weddings & Penny Palmer Photography


Selecting your Maui Wedding Beach

Do you want to use a company that simply picks your Maui wedding beach because of convenience for the company or because they offer you a great deal since you’ll be unknowingly using a beach that is less desirable for a wedding?  I doubt it but sadly, many couples do.

How do you select your dream Maui wedding beach before you ever visit Maui?

Maui wedding beach You won’t know if that great deal will provide your dream memories until it’s too late so we’ve compiled these questions to help you select your Maui Wedding Beach before ever stepping one foot on the Hawaiian Islands.





Here are some simple questions to answer to narrow down your Maui wedding beach selections. From your answers, your Maui wedding coordinator can quickly pinpoint the beach that is best suited for your Maui dream wedding.

We, here at Aloha Maui Dream Weddings, carefully watch the trends in wedding beaches and provide you with useful information to help you make an educated decision for your dream wedding.


Kapalua BayMakena Cove1) Which is more important to you:

Proximity to where you’re staying

Fewer Tourists on the beach during your Maui wedding



Sometimes it’s a trade between seclusion and proximity.


Maui WaterfallsMaui wedding beaches2) What type of ground do you want to be married on?

Soft sand or crushed coral

lava rock or grass

remote location like in the jungle under waterfalls or secluded beach


Maui Wedding ChurchKoi Pond 3) How much of your wedding budget do you want to spend on simply your surroundings (from $75 up to $20,000)

There are beautiful hidden gems throughout Maui so even if a beach isn’t your dream wedding location, Maui can still be your destination wedding location: From full gala halls and private estates overlooking the ocean to intimate ceremonies adjacent to koi ponds or traditional Hawaiian Churches. Maui offers it all.


Maui ValleysMaui Wedding BeachesMaui offers spectacular beauty from the ocean’s edge to high up in the rainforest. Be as traditional or extreme as you desire. Work with your Maui Wedding Planning Team for your perfect location.


If a Maui beach wedding is your choice, ask us to help locate a secluded, romantic beach location for your special day.

Mahalo to Penny Palmer Photography for the use of their pictures.

Give us a call to book your Maui dream wedding now! Mahalo!

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Wedding trends for 2016 Maui beach weddings

Beaches_smMaui beach wedding and reception trends for 2016 parallel much of what is happening in the wedding world on the Mainland USA, with a few wonderful highlights. Just because you’re having a destination wedding, does not mean you are limited with the fun you can have! Live it up because, after all, this is YOUR big day!

Our top 10 wedding trends for 2016!

1. With years of social media influence and instant gratification for information, couples have been entering into that “too much information” era. Celebrity highlights, staged magazine compositions and personal desires have become convoluted. The 2016 educated couple is putting the breaks on and demanding to be heard rather than herded, like in years past. They want their personalities to come thru without the over-the-top fanfare. Simply put, they are looking for streamlined elegance with the essence of them. They want to describe their vision and let the planner pull it together within their budget. A Planner’s dream!

Vintage Hawaiian Wedding2. Top 2 Maui beach wedding reception trend themes for 2016 are in extreme contrasts to each other.

The elegant White Reception is back! Picture in your mind the white lights, white linens, white flowers, hints of earthy airy greens… The stepping off of the beach and into a fairytale. The surrounding terrain of gorgeous colors on Maui becomes the background for this upscale, elegant classic approach. A perfect balance of beach romance and affordable charm.

The Vintage Hawaiian reception is hot on its tail. With the focus being on family values, the human connection and the relaxing aloha found in the Islands, the Vintage theme encourages your guests to engage with one another, to let their guards down and really have a good time. Bringing the native culture into the wedding and reception elevates a destination wedding to a truly remarkable themed celebration.

Maui wedding receptions3. Giving the champagne toast an uplift! Use designer champagnes and locally grown fruits to transform your traditional champagne toast into an elevated signature cocktail. Whether the choice is to offer champagne in the colors of your wedding reception or to create a personalized, signature drink – there are amazing mixologists on Maui to help your reception stand out and become more memorable. Every moment of your Maui wedding reception counts!


Maui wedding favors4. Offering wedding favors that highlight local favorites: local brew samplers, local sweets or cookies… Offering your guests a taste of local aloha not only saves you the shipping from home, but also allows you to share something you’ve enjoyed- something near & dear to your hearts. Try providing personalized shot glasses with your favorite liquor or woven palm baskets filled with goodies for your guests. Favors will be useful and memorable so guests will want to try them and keep them. Consider favors with an island or beach theme to tie into your Maui beach wedding reception.

Maui weddings Cakes5. Offering tasting stations at your reception continues to trend into 2016. Whether it be your favorite Maui Brews, a Smore’s Station or a fresh Maui Seafood Station, these stations fulfill two purposes. They not only allow you to express your personalities, but also give your guests something to do and engage in while you two are having your pictures taken. Let’s say for example, that one of your favorite pastimes as a couple is to tailgate at sporting events. Why not offer a mini brew and sliders station as one of your appetizers?

Maui offers a number of creative station ideas – and they don’t all have to be food related. How about a station to learn to make leis? Or a station with a native wood carver that can chisel your guests names onto the wooden favors you’ve pre-arranged for them? Getting creative is all the trend for 2016!

Maui Weddings Locations6. The Pantone Color Institute has announced the 2016 color trends and they embody what couples are looking for in their Maui beach wedding and receptions. Aiming for that laid back relaxing ambiance, they suggest more calming, softer color palettes that serve as “vehicles that transport wearers to more tranquil, mindful environs which encourage relaxation first, followed by curiosity and exploration.” The perfect statement about you, your love and your future dreams together. Colors including Rose Quartz, Peach Echo and Snorkel Blue are highlighted to make your Maui wedding reception an extension of the beautiful beaches, skies and ocean that surround your perfect day.

Maui weddings rings7. Engagement rings have always had a hint of influence by celebrities. What 2015 taught us was original, personality driven ring art is taking center stage for 2016. What does that mean for the rest of us? It means your rings should reflect you both as individuals. In actuality, the 2016 trend is to not follow a trend at all. Allow your ring to speak for you personally. Koa wood and tungsten rings remain a popular favorite for men with each ring being unique in the placement and grain of the wood inlay. Women are selecting rings with additional colored stones, antique settings or simple brilliance all in accordance with their personalities.

Maui beach wedding venues8. Classic wedding etiquette is back! Especially in the purposeful way of paying attention to the particulars for the guests attending your Maui beach wedding. This is the thoughtful way of showing your guests that have traveled thousands of miles that you appreciate them. Allowing someone special the honor of giving you away is a tender moment that is resurfacing. Asking someone who influenced your life to have that special dance at the reception is a great way to honor that relationship.

Wedding party gifts that are selected special are a great way to say thank you. Offering chilled water or fans to your guests on the beach before your wedding is a huge hit! Presenting your guests a lei at the start of your ceremony gives you at least 30 seconds of one-on-one time with each guest so they feel special and reinforces that you are happy they’re present for your special day. All these ideas are things your Planner can arrange for you. The goal is to celebrate your love and new path with a group of excited friends and family.

Maui Flower Circle9. Maui beach wedding ceremony flowers are often undervalued as an unnecessary expense. Keep in mind those flowers tie in your wedding colors throughout your pictures which will in turn create your memory highlights. The trend for 2016 continues from 2015 in the concept of dual purpose flowers. Flowers that begin as bouquets at your Maui beach wedding and transform into table arrangements for your card table or tasting stations. Ginger paths can be reused at the entrance to your reception. Ask your Planner for more ideas with your florals!

10. After parties are all the rage for 2016! In fact we’ve seen it ramping up since October of this year. Who wants the party to end at 10? Maui doesn’t offer nightclubs like big city folks are used to, but your Planner can certainly arrange an after party in your honor… So when 10:00 rolls around, give big hugs to the little ones, lovingly escort your elders to their cars… And let the adult after party begin! This is a great time for women to slip into fun, flirtatious outfits so as to no longer need to maneuver in the big wedding gown. It’s time to let the hair down and party into the wee hours.

my wedding in mauiWhile 2015 was an amazing beach wedding year on Maui, 2016 is anticipated to bring about more unique Maui beach wedding and reception ideas. Whether you are seeking that intimate moment for 2 on the beach or the affordable Maui beach wedding and reception combination, we at Aloha Maui Dream Weddings are here to help make it special and memorable. Mahalo to all the 2015 couples that chose Maui as their destination wedding location and a special congratulations to all the future brides and grooms.


Maui Weddings for 2015

2015 is upon us and it seems to be the year for Maui Weddings!

As with most destination weddings, many trends change each year but many will remain the same.

Maui Weddings 2015

Vintage Hawaiian WeddingAs we began planning their upcoming 2015 Maui weddings, we’re hearing from many brides that they want classic, vintage Hawaiian Maui Weddings and Receptions. Their receptions will entail beautiful craftsmanship and style. Centerpieces, cakes and ambiance will transport them back in time to the early Hawaiian days. But even if you’re looking for only a Maui beach wedding, you too can incorporate that Old Hawaiian charm into your ceremony. Include professional hula dancers, ukulele players, and Hawaiian singers. Why not arrive to their ceremony in a traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe, complete with Kine escorts?

Hawaiian wedding ceremoniesCheck out our “Ho’olaule’a” Native Hawaiian Beach Ceremony here. You can have the most detailed, beautiful, vintage Hawaiian Maui Wedding Ceremony for less than you may think! Enjoy a full Native Hawaiian wedding with Reception or the vintage Hawaiian ceremony that will have all your friends talking for years to come!

Maui weddings2014 Maui weddings held onto that romantic charm of the wedding dress train. The flowing fabric over the pristine sand and contrasting against the black lava rock was absolutely stunning! This trend seems to be continuing into 2015. I would estimate that maybe half of the almost 200 weddings we witnessed in 2014 included a long train. Long, as in, 2-3 feet, not cathedral length. With a cathedral length train, you are asking for problems as you manipulate the beautiful ocean side terrain.

Maui Wedding HeelsThat being said, let’s talk shoes. There are some gorgeous bridal heels available and some adorable enhancements like these wonderful “I Do” adhesives. These are great for your reception or venue weddings but are not recommended for your Maui weddings on the beach.  Keep that in mind when you are having your dress altered.

Maui Beach Wedding HeelsThe hem needs to be set so that it can accommodate your flats or bare feet on the beach while not looking too short for the height of heels you select for your reception. If you’re planning a Maui Beach Wedding, take advantage of the wonderful feel of sand between your toes…

Maui Weddings LocationsMaui Weddings Ambiance… For 2015 we have started getting more and more requests for receptions with a spectacular view. This is in contrast to being directly on an over-populated beach. This was an exciting change from 2014. Maui offers some amazing and affordable reception venues that most people don’t stop to think about. Partner an affordable, gorgeous venue with your own vision of your Maui wedding on the beach. This will  allow you to have your vision of elegance and still have room in your budget. Work with one of our creative wedding designers to build your dream wedding. Check out the website of amazing Maui Wedding Photographer, Penny Palmer Photography, for more ideas.

Maui wedding flowersFlowers continue to be a big deal for 2015 Maui weddings.  We can get very creative with you for your floral arrangements. We help you design the ambiance on the beach, your bouquet, and your amazing reception details. Brides on a budget can be very creative and actually use their bouquet as the head table arrangement, or the flowers on the bamboo arch for the reception banquet table. Flower girls can decorate your ceremony path without paying twice for flowers. There are many ways to be creative and really make your ceremony and reception outstanding!

Maui weddings cakes2015 couples are being encouraged to evaluate the relative importance of each portion of their wedding budgets before diving in. We work with you through the process to ensure that your wedding day exceeds your visions.  We will make sure that we keep you focused on each portion that means the most to you – whether that’s photography and floral esthetics  or the culinary delights for the foodies in your group. We will recommend menus, caterers, and bakers that will go to the ends of the island to ensure your day is picture-perfect.

2015 couples are being more realistic with their wedding budgets… that said, it shouldn’t mean that you HAVE to spend a higher dollar amount for your vision. We do a lot of volunteer work on the island of Maui and with the vendor connections we’ve made, we pass that savings al9ng to each of you.  We create your vision and take all the stress away from you. Enjoy your dream wedding – no one will know how affordable it was unless you tell them.

Looking to upscale your Maui Weddings? Check out our on-island expert in wedding fashion – Elly’s Formalwear located in the Sugar Beach Resort. The local staff will make sure you have everything that you need in a timely, thoughtful manner.  For pressing needs, we recommend Ali’i Dry Cleaners with shops in both Kihei and Lahaina. The owner has made many dozens of our brides and grooms happy with prompt service and excellent quality. Call ahead to either place to let them know you’ll be stopping by. The best Maui weddings happen with the best planning. Trust Aloha Maui Dream Weddings (AMDW) and our recommended vendors & venues to make your dream wedding come true.

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Beach Wedding Packages Hawaii

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now you’re searching for the best beach wedding packages Hawaii. You’ve researched all the islands and have decided on the best fit for you with many choices of relaxing beaches, great restaurants, amazing snorkeling, beautiful rainforests and great wedding locations.

So you’re considering a Maui wedding for your beach wedding packages Hawaii? Good choice!

Maui weddings are absolutely amazing.  Not only do you have the best backdrop for your ceremony, but also you have some nice choices for reception venues. Whether you’re doing this on a grand scale and renting out one of my favorite spots, like the Palm Court at the Fairmont Hotel Kealani, or you’re keeping it intimate with a small buffet table on an exclusive lanai of a beautiful restaurant… either way, you’ve chosen the correct island for your beach wedding packages in Hawaii. Don’t, however, be misled by stunning pictures of deserted beaches and lush greenery… know how to pick the right beach with the right help to achieve your vision.

beach wedding packages Hawaii

Combining your Maui wedding and your Maui Honeymoon keep costs lower and enhance your entire wedding experience.

Many people select their beach wedding packages Hawaii based on where they’re staying on the island. That’s fine, but keep in mind that there are fewer choices for acceptable wedding beaches on the West Side of Maui. Because of that reason, if you select a West Side Maui wedding beach, expect there to be more visitors enjoying their beach time on the same beach as your wedding. Many couples are surprised when they show up for their wedding and find that they’ve selected a very popular time or place for beach goers. Ask us about private venues that you can rent to stay in and have your wedding and reception there as well.

Maui Beach Weddings

Working with a Maui wedding planner, such as ourselves, that keeps an eye on the beach trends is in your favor. Being flexible with your beach location is another great way to enhance your wedding ceremony experience.We take into consideration the sun table, tide table and current popularity of all the beaches we use for weddings.


Having a Maui wedding on Ka’anapali Beach is no longer an option since the State of Hawaii has banned commercial activity on the beach; however there are beautiful alternatives. If you feel like taking a small hike, check out Ironwood Beach – recommended for early morning weddings. We offer beach wedding packages Hawaii here.

One of the most popular wedding beaches on the West Side is Kapalua Bay. Being popular does not mean it is the most ideal Maui wedding beach. Being popular just means that many people select it for their wedding or honeymoon pictures location. Read into this “popular=often times busy”.

Pastor Bob Maui

Decide how you want to remember your wedding – intimate or with lots of onlookers. The choice is yours.

Now consider the South Side…Whether or not you are staying on the South Side of Maui, you really should consider having your ceremony on the South Side. Imagine walking on the softest imaginable sand… surrounded by beautiful tropical trees, groupings of lava rocks protruding from the sandy beaches. Most importantly, enough beaches to accommodate beach goers and ceremonies alike!

Makena Cove Secret Beach

Good planning can help create magical intimate moments…

Many brides and grooms are drawn to the magical legends surrounding the beach known as Makena Cove. The pictures are spectacular online. What you should know about Makena Cove…… those pictures were captured by professional photographers that know how to take pictures without the onlookers showing in the background. It is a rare and special occasion to have Makena Cove (aka Secret Cove) all to ourselves. We do watch the trends to give our clients the best possible opportunity for privacy on this beach; however, as brides and grooms you should know that at times there can be up to 6 weddings on this small patch of sand. You need to be prepared that this can happen, and does frequently.

Beach Wedding Packages Hawaii

One of my favorite wedding beaches is White Rock Beach. Some might not think of it as a favorite wedding beach, but here’s 5 reasons why I do…

1. There’s plenty of space so if there are beach goers on the beach, we can get away from them.

2. There’s beautiful background scenery – lava rocks, tropical trees… Your photographer is in heaven working with you here

3. It’s often not the first idea for wedding planners which is great for those that do use it.

4. Parking is easy

5. A restroom option was added this past year.

If you’re planning to DIY (Do It Yourself) instead of a beach wedding packages Hawaii, you might consider talking with us first. We’re affordable and give you the real information you need when planning your wedding. If you still want to go-it-alone, remember that we do offer Day Of Coordination as a simple beach wedding package Hawaii to alleviate all your worries before/on that special day. We have the local connections with talented vendors to make your day truly unforgettable. Trust me, you DO NOT want to be the one scrambling when you should be the one being pampered.

Beach wedding packages Hawaii can be affordable and absolutely magical… Aloha Maui Dream Weddings has the talent, the experience and the connections to pull it all together for you within your budget. Be wary of cheap imitations… as one of our clients best put it,

“We had a dream and Darci and Penny effortlessly brought it into reality. Darci created the stage…Penny captured it all behind her lens, and presented us with the photos the next day! Some may try to imitate, but never duplicate their skills. Mahalo e ke aloha nui loa!!”
– David Wolfe, Canda

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