Gay Hawaii Weddings

Gay Hawaii Weddings are among the most special celebrations that we participate in. Focusing predominantly on Maui Weddings, the team is also available for gay Hawaii weddings on Oahu and the Big Island. The Federal government has made it so that all States must recognize same sex marriage,  so take advantage of the beauty of Maui for your destination gay wedding. Call today for your intimate beach gay Hawaii Wedding or your full scale party at many of our gay Hawaii wedding venues. We personalize your ceremony with your input so your memories will be truly unique and meaningful.

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Let us help create that incredible magic on your special day.

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intimate gay Hawaii weddingsGay Hawaii Weddings … Come Celebrate with us on Maui!

lesbian Hawaii weddingsHawaii gay weddings

gay Hawaii weddings


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Gay Hawaii Weddings

Our Hawaii Gay Weddings were featured in:

the New York Times on June 1, 2014
chosen as Hawaii Gay Weddings Photographer and Minister
“The Evolving World of Gay Travel”

the Gay Las Vegas Magazine, February 2015
(featuring Maui Lesbian Wedding)

gay Hawaii weddings

A beautiful, memorable gay Hawaii wedding moment…

One of the most traditional, romantic gay Hawaii weddings… we incorporated Native Hawaiian blessings into their ceremony, whispered their dreams for peace and love on the wings of doves, and created a lasting unity sand sculpture to take home with them. They began this journey down a ginger path and ended it with an amazing Grooms’ Cake and private dining… all set up by the Aloha Maui Dream Weddings (AMDW) Team.

gay Hawaii weddingsFrom Getting Ready Pictures gay Hawaii weddings

to the most amazing sunset captured,

we had them covered.


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Very special couple wished to share their amazing experience about their Hawaii Gay Wedding as it was happening: (Mahalo!)


lesbian weddingsWe offer beautiful, romantic and personalized lesbian and gay Hawaii weddings. We have talented photographers, amazing hair & makeup artists, experienced ministers, florists, limos, well-known musicians, and gorgeous venues for you to choose from. Inquire for intimate minister only packages or for complete, uncomplicated wedding planning.  Our goal is to personalize every ceremony the way you envision it – from florals to the actual words being spoken. Your wedding day should be a dream come true.


You are unique and so too should be your gay Hawaii ceremony! With more than 100 years combined experience and over 600 weddings to date, we are capable and excited to create your gay Hawaii Weddings! We are home to the original Maui Imagineer who’s sole purpose is to help you create surprise romantic gestures for your partner.


Hawaii Gay Weddings

“Thank you for such a beautiful and flawless day.! It wouldn’t have been the same without both of your services..!! You have made a day full of memories for us to have for a lifetime..!! Mahalo and much love from the Chris’s xoxoxoxo”

– Chris & CK, July 23, 2014

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Hawaii Gay Weddings

“You and Penny did a great job and made a special day even more special. Scott loved that you included his [special spiritual beliefs] for him as part of our ceremony. Mahalo!”

– Mitch & Scott

Hawaii Deaf Weddings

“Thanks everyone! We’re so happy! Darci Palmer and Penny Palmer did an awesome job. We’re so fortunate to have them. Truly Deaf friendly!”

-Annette & Alma

Hawaii Hay WeddingsDarci surpassed our expectations as a Wedding Planner and Minister from the first time we reached out to her! She was incredibly responsive to all our questions and requests. Darci allowed us to fully enjoy our vacation by taking care of every detail of our ceremony. She wanted to make OUR day about US, and she did! Darci managed to capture our personalities, the spiritual Hawaiian traditions, and the natural beauty of The Secret Beach in a ceremony that was simply inspired. Penny Palmer captured both the beauty of our beach paradise and the emotion of our wedding day! She was professional, yet fun and flexible, allowing us to be ourselves, including the tears and the laughter. We were so pleased with Penny’s creative vision. Penny truly preserved our memorable day with her photographic magic. The team of Penny & Darci made our wedding day a dream come true! We would highly recommend them for your special day! – T&N

gay weddings in Wailea

“Thank you both for not only making it so special but sharing a piece of ya’ll with us… you may never know how grateful we are.”

-Devon & Vanessa

maui gay weddings

“Thank you so much for putting this together for us. It is absolutely beautiful and we really appreciate the time you spent to create something unique for us. We love it! We will certainly refer you to any other friends who decide to get married in Maui. I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t imagine that it would feel any differently to be married. I kept thinking, after 16 years how could it feel different? But, somehow it really does. Thank you again so much for marrying us and making it so special!”

– Troy & Drew, Tripadvisor

Gay wedding in Maui

“We are over the moon. The whole experience just surpassed our expectations. Thank you!”

– J & D Fiacco


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Hawaii gay weddingsThe Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, the warm sand between your toes, your beloved by your side…
it’s time for your dream gay Hawaii wedding.
We take the time to customize everything, special for you!



gay hawaii wedding

 Hawaii gay weddings are always memorable, but your gay Hawaii wedding on Maui will be truly amazing! With our detailed planners for Maui Weddings, compassionate ministers and gay staffing, you will have nothing to worry about and everything to look forward to.  Work with a wedding planner that will take care of all the details of your perfect ceremony.  Choose from a beautiful beach or park ceremony or even a large ceremony at the Country Club, private estate, in front of a waterfall or up on Haleakala. We have a new exclusive partnership with semi-private and private venues that will allow you beach-side dining, private parking, getting ready area and total privacy.


Gay wedding in Maui

Ka’anapali, Maui

With so many islands to choose from for a gay Hawaii wedding, how do you select one? Maui affords you the opportunity to be busy with many excursions while not feeling trapped by thousands of visitors. It is unique from its island sisters. Reasonable package pricing for your Maui wedding allows you to start with a base package at minimal cost and create your own dream wedding or simply select a Hawaii gay wedding package. Or most popular package is the Plumeria16 package.


gay Hawaii wedding photographer

Lesbian and gay Hawaii Weddings are honored in all states that recognize gay marriage or civil unions. We will walk you through the easy process of obtaining your license.


We have extensive experience with international gay and lesbian wedding couples so if an apostle is needed, we understand how all that works.

gay hawaii weddings

“We want to thank you again for making our marriage
such a special event for us.
We will cherish our memories of the ceremony on
Poolenalena Beach forever.”
– John & Tom

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gay hawaii weddings

Aloha Maui Dream Weddings offer our LGBT Community the opportunity to marry on the Secret Beach, away from public eyes or in front of 100 of your closest friends, whichever makes your celebration perfect…
Maui Wedding Photographer, Penny,
offers high quality, affordable gay wedding photography packages.
The entire Aloha Maui Dream Wedding Support Team is here for you!


You dream it, we plan it.

Read the story of one of our Amazing June 2014 Gay Hawaii Weddings Couples…

Vanessa and Devon


Hawaii Gay MarriageOn a virtual path of life twelve years ago, two beautiful souls crossed, touched, and united… Separated by the physical miles between Virginia and Seattle, Washington, the internet provided them with the tools they needed to bridge the gap. They discovered that they had a lot in common and enough different to really complement each other. Marriage wasn’t an option then, but they knew they needed to travel the path of life together.


Maui gay weddingsSurrounded by thousands at the Gorge and Jack Johnson up on stage… Vanessa turned to Devon and asked her to marry her. The people faded in the distance and the most amazing moment in time stood still.


Maui WeddingsVanessa, her Dad and Devon arrived on Maui for their special ceremony last month. We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with them the day before their ceremony. Meeting our clients before their special day is what changes clients into ohana and creates that meaningful lifelong bond that we treasure with our jobs.

gay Maui weddingsNow these girls are anything but ordinary… They are driven. They are incredibly smart. They are funny, and not in that self-degrading way. You walk away from these two feeling happy and energized.

Maui weddingsFrom the first time we spoke on the phone we knew we were going to like each other. They were positive, upbeat and beyond excited about their Maui wedding from Day One. They selected bright clothing to contrast the khaki of the sand and the blue of the water. The picked styles that reflected their personalities instead of the more traditional Hawaii beach wedding clothing.

Maui WeddingsTheir clothing and personalities bubbled through brilliantly! Together, we created a ceremony that was truly about them, from the wording in the ceremony to the ambiance and the songs selected for their serenading.

Hawaii lesbian WeddingsTheir ceremony was customized to include special details they had provided during the consultation phase of their Hawaii wedding planning. Each note that they felt important enough to bring up was somehow reflected within their ceremony. (Yes, there’s even a story to the shot glass in the picture). Their ceremony was lively, respectful, passionate and playful – it was everything a monumental moment of their lives should be. That moment when the bond is deepened and best friends pledge their continued support for the remainder of life’s path together.

“Vanessa, Always remember that it is not only your inner soul that captivates Devon, but it’s also your kindness that you let pour out of it. All she has to do is look into your eyes to find reassurance and that motivates her to overcome anything. Devon, Your kindness, your compassion, your genuine heart of gold keeps Vanessa going. Even when it seems like maybe something was said that shouldn’t have been, your love for each other pulls through. You’re Vanessa’s world and she loves having you in it.”

Hawaii gay weddingsTogether they shared in the beauty that is Maui and the peacefulness that marriage brings over two people. They explored the Road to Hana, and played on the best beaches on Maui. They danced, they laughed, they strengthened their 12 year bond. They experienced all the aloha of this magical island and they’re counting the days to come back and visit.

Maui Gay WeddingsLadies, until we see you both again, continue to live those daily traits that make you one of the most amazing couples we’ve had the pleasure of marrying.

Aloha nui loa!



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