Maui beach wedding locations

Trying to determine the best Maui beach wedding location?

Incredible Maui beach wedding locations

We primarily offer weddings on two sides of Maui – the South side and the West side, with the exceptions of Adventurous Waterfall Weddings and the occasional “Arctic” Haleakala Volcano Weddings. The South side of Maui is the dryer side of Maui year-round and with more opportunities for seclusion/weather, it is the side we most recommend . The West side typically is lusher but that comes due to the notorious “West Maui mist”.

The South side of Maui includes many spectacular beaches. Some are large enough to get away from tourists, some are virtually private and others still retain their magic, no matter how many guests are on the beach at any given time. Some beaches provide Tahiti-like aqua blue water at certain times of day while others offer breath-taking views of surrounding areas.

Some areas require State Permits, others require County Permits. All public property will require some type of permit and mandatory insurance.

South Maui Beach Wedding Locations

Eloping in MauiMakena Cove, aka Secret Cove

One of the most popular Maui beach wedding locations is this one.

Pros: With it’s folklore history of being blessed, it offers couple not only beautiful scenery but also incredible blessings for their future.
Cons: With its popularity comes an over-population. Not only are there multiple weddings there daily, but also tourists and fisherman swarm to this point daily. There are certain times/day to use this beach and feel almost alone. Ask us.

White Rock BeachPaluaea Beach, aka White Rock Beach

This beach offers 1/2 mile of sand and plenty of space to move away from beach goers. There is a porta potty and the terrain is relatively flat to accommodate guests with mobility issues.

There are 2 entrances to this beach and plenty of shade. Photographers and Planners alike consider it a Maui beach wedding dream with all the background potential.

Ulua BeachUlua Beach

This beach offers 1/4 mile of sand and plenty of parking. There is a true restroom and a fairly flat cement walkway down the beach edge to accommodate guests with stair issues. It is a 3-to-5 minute walk from the parking lot.

The beautiful greenery entrance way allows a bride to enter with style.

PoolenalenaPo’olenalena Beach

A spectacular view of the Makena Hill and 2 other islands in the distance. This amazing 1/2 mile of beach offers a magical amount of space to spread out and enjoy privacy.

This beach offers a large parking lot and porta-potty.

Charlie Young BeachCharlie Young Beach, Kihei

Although this beach is much busier than the others, often this is a beach selected by clients staying in Kihei that don’t wish to travel far.

Cliff area provides gorgeous views, while private, small beach areas in between lava rock walls offer the perfect privacy for an intimate ceremony for two!

SouthSideChangs Beach

This beach s secluded and offers a different look at Maui. It’s great for small wedding parties that have NO mobility issues. You must traverse a trail and climb over lave rock to get to this beach. No mobility issues…

This beach is less used by tourists and more by locals. The occasional nude sunbather can be found at the far end of this beach. Enjoying virtual privacy on a beach this size is truly magical.


This beach offers dining along the north end and private homes along the south end. It can get windy but offers many opportunities to separate ourselves from other people.

There isn’t a lot of parking; however there are 3 entrances to this beach. We will plan specifically the best of the 3 entrances depending on your ceremony start time.

SouthSideChangs Beach

This beach s secluded and offers a different look at Maui. It’s great for small wedding parties that have NO mobility issues. You must traverse a trail and climb over lave rock to get to this beach.

This beach is less used by tourists and more by locals. The occasional nude sunbather can be found at the far end of this beach. Enjoying virtual privacy on a beach this size is truly magical.

Eloping in MauiOur Beach

This beach is completely secluded and offers privacy unlike any other beach on Maui. There is parking for 2 cars and no restroom facilities.

This beach can disappear in high tide so our Wedding Planners are always tuned in to the environment.

A gorgeous alternative with dozens of palm trees – good for very small, intimate wedding parties.

beach weddings mauiSecluded South Maui Cove

Nestled in the heart of Wailea leis a hidden gem with a miniature blow hole.

This beach is a hit-and-miss. Some times of the year it is covered in small river rocks.

Tide must be monitored as it swallows up the beach at high tide. Be prepared for a long walk from the car.

Maui wedding venuesSouth Side Private Venues and Semi-Private Venues

We  create weddings & receptions at  Kukahiko Estate, Sugarman Estate, Oluwalu Estate, Kahili Country Club, King Kamehameha Country Club, SBE, Haiku Mill, Mill House and Tropical Plantaton to offer you the best in South Side private venues.
We have numerous options that are considered semi-private venues including the Fairmont Kea Lani, Gannons of Wailea, the Andaz, the Four Seasons Duo and Konos on The Green.

West Maui Beach Wedding Locations

Olowalu Plantation Wedding

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Private Venue – Olowalu Plantation House

One of the most popular private venues on Maui.

Pros: Beautiful, private area that can accommodate very large groups or can be created into a magical,intimate and romantic setting for 25.
Cons: Venue Property is your largest price tag. Location is at least 20 minutes from all resorts so DD alternatives need to be put in place so everyone remains safe.

WestSideKapalua Bay

One of the most popular West Maui beach wedding locations is this one.

Pros: There are many beautiful backgrounds for your photographer to work with. There is a public parking lot and real restrooms. Merriman’s is located adjacent to the beach.
Cons: This is one of the most used beaches by tourists during the day, emptying out a bit at sunset. Parking is limited due to its popularity so arrive early.

maui elopementIronwood Beach

This beach offers 1/2 mile of beautiful white sand and is surrounded by gorgeous rock cliffs.

This beach is ideal for a morning wedding but not sunset as there is limited parking. When the surf is up, be prepared to be overrun with surfers as this is a popular local surf spot.

There is a long walk down to the beach. Watch the video below for the scoop.

PoolenalenaDT Fleming Beach

This beach is ideal for large parties or couples staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel as it is adjacent to the Ritz.

Although this is typically more of a locals beach on the weekends, this beach is one of the largest beaches on the West Side so it can easily accommodate wedding parties up to 30 people.

eloping in HawaiiNapili Bay

This bay offers either a sandy beach or a lava rock beach for your Maui beach wedding.

This beach is nearby many condos and is a popular tourist beach. There is roadside parking and no restroom facilities. Most days, the bay creates a tranquil, calming background.

We are State Licensed and Insured so we have the ability to obtain either of those permits for you.

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Wedding Venues on Maui:

Maui WeddingsMaui wedding venues

We work with many venues on Maui that offer the best views and the most affordable rates such as

Kukahiko Estate, Olowalu Plantation House and Sugar Beach Events.
We invite in award winning caterers, photographers, musicians and DJs
to keep you and your guests fed and entertained all day and night.

You’ll work with wedding designers that can help you create your Maui Dream Wedding!


MAUI:   Maui was voted best island to visit in 2016 and those of us that call Maui home have to agree! There are many beautiful beaches on Maui to be married – some are more overused than others. Each beach is unique and offers its own special nuances – like more privacy, more shade, an opportunity for a grand entrance with many guests, etc…  We create beautiful weddings in Makena at Secret Cove as well as a few more hidden gems… Ask about some of our favorite locations, such as these:

Weddings in Hawaii: Maui South Shore

Weddings in Hawaii: Maui – Kaanapali and Lahaina Areas

The West Side offers a very different type of beach wedding and reception combo. For weddings in Hawaii on the West Side, this is one of our favorites.: Get married on the beach as the sun sets behind you… walk up to your waiting reception without any hassle or need to get in cars. Enjoy a beautiful wedding and reception with this amazing Maui Wedding Package – Beach 5.

Ironwood Beach is gorgeous for a Maui Beach Wedding; however, please keep in mind the climb back up, the afternoon tradewinds and the limited parking. This is a great beach for small morning weddings.


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Private Venues

For your weddings in Hawaii, we work with many local private venues to host weddings and receptions. These fantastic venues offer privacy, beachfront access or amazing high cliff views of Maui.

Venue Fees range from $600 – $5,000.

Haleakala weddingsHALEAKALA WEDDINGS

Beautiful ceremonies can be created with picturesque Islands & Ocean Views as your backdrop while your personal chefs create a wedding feast for your party just steps away.




Private accommodations can be made with our prefered helicopter charter service so that you and your wedding party are whisked away by private helicopter to a remote, epic waterfall – making magical memories to last a lifetime!

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