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Beach Weddings in Maui

Beach Weddings in Maui are the hottest trend in destination weddings for 2017 and 2018! But is a destination wedding really for you?

beach weddings in MauiWhat does the word ‘wedding’ conjure up for you? Are you someone who’s been planning since you were 9 and have a well thought out scenario full of musts? Do you want to spend your life’s savings and your firstborn to put on a shindig to impress your nearest and dearest and allow all your besties to show up in a taffeta gowns?

If that’s what you’ve been dreaming of all your life then far be it for me to change your long made up mind.

beach weddings in MauiBut what if you’re looking for something ‘more’…

Why not consider a Destination Wedding like beach weddings in Maui?

Instead of an indoor church setting, let the outdoors be where you celebrate your first marital steps with your best friend…

Be married somewhere beautiful, somewhere you might choose for a honeymoon…
somewhere so spectacular your jaw will still drop when you look at your wedding pictures on your 10th anniversary.

The choices are endless. Your wedding can be intimate with just the two of you or still include your nearest and dearest and all their “plus ones”. The choice is up to you. We will make it happen.

beach weddings in MauiThere are a myriad of stunning places in our wonderful world to choose from but for my mind when I hear the term “destination wedding” I can’t help but think of somewhere with sand and sunshine… The sound of gently rolling waves crashing onto the shore.

When I think of those things, Hawaii is somewhere that ticks all the boxes on my wish list.

Maui beach weddingsWhen it comes to the Hawaiin Island Chain,

you have the crowded, fast-paced Oahu,

the quiet, open-spaced Big Island…

or you can choose somewhere that’s not overflowing with tourists brandishing selfie sticks – check out beach weddings in Maui!

There’s so much variety amongst the Islands… talk to us when making your decision for where to have your destination wedding.

So let me paint you a new picture.

You and the love of your life standing on the sand with the waves rolling quietly in the background.

maui elopementMaybe there are some important people in your life there to share your joy or maybe it’s just you and your beloved (and a minister and photographer) and it’s only about you and the promises you wish to make to one another.

The sun sets as you pledge your love and then skip down the sand towards your new lives together.

Sound tempting?

It is.

Beach Weddings in Maui!

Email us today and make your dream a reality!