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Maui Wedding Ideas for 2018

Exciting new Maui Wedding Ideas for 2018! Follow the trend of the Islands!

2018 Maui wedding ideas don’t have to be limited because you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii. Stretch your imagination and work with our talented team. Explore some of these 2018 Maui Wedding ideas yourself!

Beach Attire:

Maui Wedding ideasOur researchers anticipate that 2018 Maui Weddings will bring back the elegance in beach attire! As we approach the second half of 2017, casual-chic beach attire is ramping up.  2015 showed us tuxedos on the beach… 2016 went the opposite direction with the return of khaki pants and white button up shirts. 2017 brought in a nice mix of bow ties, colored pants, formal dresses and matching colors for guest attire. 2018 is expected to continue this wave of beach fashion with more mauve, burgandy and vintage Hawaiian colors.

2016 Maui Wedding ideasMake your wedding a notch above the rest by adding a subtle flair that denotes your personalities. It’s not simply about the bride anymore.  Another great Maui wedding idea- make a statement in your Maui wedding photos!


Maui Wedding Ideas: Ceremony

Maui wedding venuesSpice up your Maui Beach Wedding with the addition of a dove release or monarch butterfly release. Want a way to have your special guests feel included in the ceremony? Why not have them each release a butterfly or ask a parent to read a poem during your ceremony? Have someone with musical experience? Why not invite someone to sing at your wedding? Work with our amazing musicians to get just the right sound for your ambiance. A perfectly timed poem or scripture reading by someone dear to your heart can really elevate your wedding.


Maui Wedding Ideas: Reception

Maui Wedding CakesRather than ordering a wedding cake along with table centerpieces, why not order smaller wedding cakes and display them AS your centerpieces? It not only carries your theme throughout the room and allows for  quite the conversation pieces, but also allows you to stretch your budget for other exciting reception ideas. Imagine the intimacy it would bring when you and your spouse circulate toward the end of the evening and cut the first piece of each cake with those guests at the table. Your guests would feel your one-on-one attention and remember how unique you were to do that with them.

Donut CakeNot feeling the traditional wedding cake? Why not vote for a caramelized fruit tart, cupcake cake or a tiered donuts cake? 2016 Maui Weddings will have a number of fresh new, innovative choices for culinary delights.


Maui weddings CakesAmazing new bakers and culinary artists have been breaking into the scene this year, as well as tried-and-true shops stretching their creative boundaries. All this in preparation for a brighter, sweeter 2018! Pictures printed on rice paper with edible ink… bamboo twigs made of frosting… decorations of spun sugar and local florals.

Let your imagine flow or let our design team advise you. We can take any Maui wedding idea and make it into a dream wedding!


Maui Wedding ideasTrying to decide whether or not to hire a DJ for your smaller reception? Consider this: Working with our talented and personable DJ ahead of time can shape your evening into the style of party you want it to be. You can spend hours making decisions on the decor with your Maui wedding planner only to find that your guests don’t want to leave their seats. Your DJ can keep the flow going as well as ensure you don’t miss special, unique moments. Maui Wedding IdeasFor example… are you inviting little ones to your reception? Why not include them by adding a teddy bear toss before the garter & bouquet toss? You’ll enjoy the enthusiasm from the kids and parent alike while getting everyone in the mood to continue the party out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

Maui wedding ReceptionsLooking for an innovative way to remind your guests of all the fun times that led up to your special day? Why not work with our designers to create a video slide show that you can display at the reception? We can set it up on a laptop with loop or use our portable video projector to bring your adventures to life! You can create a designer card table to captivate your guests as they arrive at your reception. We can tie in your theme and leave your guests talking about your special day for months to come!

Don’t let the idea of a destination wedding limit your creativity. Planning a wedding and reception from miles away can be easy with the right wedding planner and design team. Your intimate beach wedding can be absolutely amazing and your reception will leave your guests talking about YOUR wedding above all others. If you’re only inviting your closest friends and family (ohana), don’t let that stop you from creating your dream experience. We can arrange intimate receptions as well as full scale fairy tale moments. Give us a call to discuss your vision!


Aloha Maui Dream Weddings


Dreaming of Eloping on Maui

Dreaming of eloping on Maui…(and ticking off some bucket list additions)


eloping on mauiThere is a reason the Hawaiian people say “Maui No Ka Oi!” (Maui is the Best!).  It’s because it just is! It’s the reason why Oprah chose Maui as a place to buy her home away from home. It’s the reason once you visit, you will forever long to return. The spirit of Aloha will remain in your heart long after your feet are back on home soil and will never quite leave you.

What better idea than an eloping on Maui…

2016 vow renewalI guess you’ve heard of the term ‘bucket list’ – we should all make one.

Not in the way that you need to tick off items before you shuffle off this mortal coil, but in the way of making lasting memories that will make your heart sing every time you remember them. Romance, love, incredible sights, sounds and smells… that timeless elegance of gorgeous sand and gentle waves… Elope on Maui and experience the wonder that delights so many already!

Eloping on Maui and Making Memories

Life is about making memories, not ‘who dies with the most toys wins’.  Go make a bunch of them!

Maui offers much for the ‘ticker of the bucket list’, from lazing on a pristine beach to peeking into the lives of some amazing sea life to thrill seeking activities to wake up that adrenaline to the most stunning drive that you will see in many a lifetime.

Things to do in Maui 2016Spend a day on the Road to Hana. Whether you chose to rent the car of your dreams and drive yourself or if you feel your eyes will be too busy taking in all the gorgeousness to stay affixed on the road and you elect to take a guided tour. Whichever way you choose to see it do! There are more waterfalls than you’ve imagined on one drive and each curve of the road will uncover another lush ‘wow’ moment. Whatever else is on your list make sure this is at the very tippy top.


elopement packages mauiGo whale watching!  Humpback whales make Maui their regular home and seeing these gentle giants is a once in a lifetime treat. Their smaller pals, the dolphins, also like to show themselves for your viewing pleasure and I know that watching these crazy clowns frolic definitely ticked off one of my list inclusions.

Likewise, Maui’s beautiful turtles, though not as large, are just as majestic and swimming with these beauties will fill your soul with a sense of calm. Check out a cleaning station or the turtle highway. Float on the surface and watch them feed or play.

Even just swimming through the warm clear waters without the company of any sea creatures is still one of the most delightful things to do. The clouds above reflecting on the surf… breathtaking.

maui vow renewal 2016If getting your heart pumping is more your style, then why not book yourself in for a zipline adventure. Maui offers choices from the kid friendly to soaring 90 ft above a canyon. It’s most definitely a different way to see this beautiful land and though it’s not on my list, for many of you it will be right up there (no pun intended!)

But maybe just slipping that ring on your wife’s finger and declaring your undying love will be adventure enough.

inclsive wedding packagesMake sure you take advantage of one of the many luaus available. You will truly feel like you’ve experienced the Maui hospitality and become Ohana (family.) You will enjoy a beautiful meal whilst being entertained and leave feeling you have experienced the true Hawaii. If time is short for your elopement on Maui, we can bring the luau to you at your ceremony!

Your elopement on Maui is very special. It’s an opportunity to proclaim your love to one another and share new adventures for the first time. Our team can answer all your holiday questions – from planning the perfect personalized ceremony to selecting the best adventures to commemorate your holiday.

Molokai islandsAfter you’ve had your fill of Maui (and perhaps that moment won’t ever come,) it’s just a quick flight to visit some of Hawaii’s other attractions, such as the Pearl Harbor monument on Oahu or an active volcano on the Big Island. It’s flowing right now for the first time in ages and is a gorgeous site at sunset or sunrise.

After your morning elopement on Maui, take a helicopter ride over to Molokai and view incredible cliff walls, waterfalls and land untouched by technology. Buy the video and share with all your friends!

Mau Wedding AlbumSo make your list, grab your partner and get your flights and accommodations. Our travel agents can help with every detail for no charge to you.

Go make Maui your new favorite place. Begin your life’s adventure on one of the most romantic, beautiful Hawaiian islands… What’s better than eloping on Maui – book your package now and open the next chapter of your book.

That’s what I call making memories – you’ll come back with a heart full as well as a new husband or wife! All without the stress of a a big wedding planning. Eloping on Maui – We’ll make it easy for you. Just read about us here!

Maui Elopement – Made Easy

Is a Maui elopement in your future? Congratulations!

elope on mauiYou are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. We are experts in this area – we have fantastic Maui Elopement Packages for you and can help with every part of your Maui adventure.

Maui Elopement – Questions to ask yourself

Maui ElopementThe first question you really need to answer is, “Are you truly okay being married away from family and friends?” Is there anyone that will not be there that you will regret later? Can you celebrate with everyone back home after your Maui elopement?

If you are confident in your decision to have a Maui elopement, then you are ready to begin your adventure. The package listed below has that perfect balance of intimacy, personalized ceremony, elegant flowers and the edited images for you to share with your loved ones when you return home!

More packages are listed here.


  1. Maui ElopementWork with a team that is experienced in destination weddings so you can be confident that everything is being handled. Confirm that the company is even on Maui by asking up front. You want a Coordinator that will guide you through every step so you can continue your daily life without interruption. Do you feel confident and comfortable with the person you speak with when you book? We are centrally located near Wailea and use our business connections to save you money and provide the best possible locations – from private beaches to private dinners afterward. We’ve won Best of Consumer Services 2 years running and Couples’ Choice Awards Worldwide 3 years running.
  2. Maui ElopementDecide how important photography and videography are to you. Will you use these pictures during a reception back home afterward? Will you want to create an art wall piece on canvas or metal later? Do you want to tell the whole story – from Getting Ready to Trashing the Dress? These decisions will drive your price and your decision of which company to trust. Pictures on a website sometimes are just that – website images that may not reflect the work of the photographer they may assign to you. Ask! Our packages predominantly use Award Winning Photographer,  Penny Palmer Photography, rated 5 stars more than 100 times.
  3. Maui ElopementSelect a package that allows you to add on the components that will make your wedding special and unique to you. Don’t settle for a ceremony that won’t be personalized or a package that won’t let you modify. This is YOUR special day and even though it is a Maui elopement, you do not need to sacrifice any of your dream wedding moments.  Our ministers personalize every ceremony and our packages and add-ons are designed to  guide you. After all, this is our chosen field and we don’t expect you to be an expert. We also understand that you have a life that needs to be attended to – let us worry about everything here on Maui for you.

Our most popular Maui Wedding Package:

“Plumeria17” Beach Wedding Package on Maui, $895

Maui Weddings
  • Coordination of your special Maui Wedding
  • Maui Wedding Concierge Services
  • State of Hawaii Licensed Minister
  • Personalized Hawaiian Ceremony
  • Conch Shell Blow
  • Unity Sand Sculpture Ceremony, Keepsake Vessel
  • Commemorative Wedding Certificate
  • 2 Fresh Tropical Wedding Leis
  • Celebratory Toast on the Beach
  • Beach Permit and State Mandated Liability Insurance
  • Assistance with Marriage License Appointment, Available Add-ons
  • Professional Photography up to 1 hour, ceremony candid coverage & posed portraits after ceremony
  • Full online gallery of all images (edited)
  • Photos Delivered: 20 high resolution digital images of clients’ choosing
  • Deposit required – $450
  • Add HD Video, limo service or private dining to this package easily

Additional Wedding Package Options Available HERE (click here)

“Maui Elopement Add-Ons”

Maui Elopement

That moment when you realize you’re married…

Email us now and let us take the worry away – Congratulations on your engagement!


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