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Gay Weddings, oh so romantic!

Gay weddings in Hawaii – who should you contact for help?   What does Maui offer?

gay weddingsBeautiful blue skies that the trade winds have gently swept clean for your special day.

Warm sand between your toes.

The spirit of aloha present in your ceremony.

The magic that only an island wedding can provide.


Which island should you pick for gay weddings?

gay weddingsOf course I’m going to say Maui – I’m biased. There’s magic in Maui that makes everything absolutely breathtaking. Gay weddings on Maui means you have vivid colors, warm temperatures and a community that welcomes you no matter if you’re marrying your high school sweetheart or the soul mate you met last year. Maui offers parks, rain forests and a volcano to provide different backgrounds to your beautiful ceremony. Walk the beach hand-in-hnd, kiss your partner… There’s so much life on Maui – it’s no ka oi!

There’s so many beautiful places to marry on Maui. Some require permits, insurance certificates or permission from the owners. Knowing where you can marry on a budget or which exotic estate can be rented is my job. Your job is to pick the perfect partner and then have the rest handled by passionate, professional Maui locals. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience, stress free. We pride ourselves in “For Family, By Family.”

gay weddings

What do YOU want in the way of gay weddings?

Some people want a traditional island wedding – sunsets and sand between their toes. Others want a roaring Harley Davidson ride up to the crater to marry with a breathtaking view of the Pacific as your backdrop. Others still may choose a romantic sailboat adventure out in the Bay surrounded by whales, dolphins and aqua waves. Maybe you have a cultural ceremony to include with your island wedding. Maybe it’s just the 2 of you eloping in front of a waterfall… You dream it, we build it.


What should your Maui Wedding Planner offer you?

lesbian weddingsWe want you to have the wedding of your dreams without the stress. We provide all the planning guideline you require – from doing everything for you to helping you design and create from abroad.

Aloha and welcome to Aloha Maui Dream Weddings where we aim to make your life simpler and your ceremony unforgettable! Please read our reviews!



It’s Time for a Gay Wedding in Hawaii!

Congratulations to all the same sex couples that can finally celebrate a gay wedding in Hawaii!

Aloha aku nô, aloha mai nô
(I give my love to you, you give your love to me)

Hawaii is the 15th State to legalize same sex marriage.

lgbt weddingsWe’ve had years of experience providing romantic, magical LGBT Civil Unions and we’re proud to extend the opportunity  to all our LGBT clients wanting to be legally married in Hawaii.  We understand the paperwork, the logistics and the requirements to be able to walk you through the entire process. We have great connections with local vendors to provide everything you will need for your wedding – from florists to cakes to thank-you-favors.

gay weddings in mauiBeing married by a member of your own community allows you the opportunity to stand proud with your partner and know that all the vendors that will be assisting with your gay wedding are all members of, or supporters, of the LGBT Community.   Allow us to help you plan your dream wedding in Hawaii beginning December 2, 2013.


We can assist with beach weddings, private estates, country clubs, Haleakala weddings or remote Hana waterfall  locations.  Creating the best experience for you in the latest state to become a  same sex wedding destination! We are no longer about supporting “gay weddings in Hawaii” but are now all about Equal Wedding Opportunities in Hawaii! What a proud moment we are grateful to share in. Let us help you start planning your wedding today!


Congratulations Hawaii on being the 15th State to celebrate the partnerships of all of its visitors equally!