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Maui Guide for Valentine’s Day

Maui Wedding Planner gives you a Maui Guide for Romance

Maui Wedding Planner gives you a Maui Guide for Romance


February is coming up fast and there’s always the question of what to do for Valentine’s Day? We try to point out the highlights for each week as we move into the next week but if you’re planning ahead special for Valentine’s Day, here is your Maui Guide to Romantic ideas.

We at Aloha Maui Dream Weddings try to make romantic memories a possibility. We love being your Maui wedding planner but if you’re looking for other romantic options, we have ideas for that too here in our Maui Guide! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time to be romantic, but it’s a great time to start!

Maui Guide for Proposals:

How about proposing to your beloved somewhere unique and special and have it captured by Penny Palmer Photography? It’s easy to plan, romantic and very memorable! We can arrange for your proposal on a sailboat out in the Bay surrounded by whales through Sail Maui Nui or underwater on a snorkeling expedition with the SeaFire or in a remote area overlooking a waterfall with Blue Hawaiian.

Romantic Sunset Surprises:

Already engaged? Aloha Maui Dream Weddings Maui Guide recommends reminding that special someone how much they mean to you! Penny Palmer Photography is offering a special this month – take advantage of it and let us help you create a sunset of candles, leis, romance and captured memories. It can be preplanned so all you do is show up and let your other half be surprised! Use these as your engagement pictures or simply as a way to show you know how to plan a spectacular evening!

When you’re ready for your Maui Wedding Planner:

As always, if you’re planning your wedding, please consider Aloha Maui Dream Weddings as your Maui Wedding Planner. We appreciate you and will do everything in our power to ensure that your special day is everything you dreamed of!