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Married in Maui

Married in Maui… how does one plan for this when you live more than 3,000 miles away? Eloping in Maui can be an incredible experience – if you allow the right wedding planner to guide you through the process. From international marriage licenses, reservations at all the hot spots and assistance with pre-planned romantic gestures for your spouse, our team can assist with all your needs.

Follow along on one of our Australia bride’s journey… when she was

Married in Maui

Once upon a time a (not so young) lady was planning her nuptials. Sadly she had been down that aisle once before but that is another story and one that is not at all relevant to this tale.

Married in MauiShe (the not so young lady) was trying to work out what she wanted for her special day. She was not looking for the full on extravaganza complete with every relative, 6 bridesmaids and a fluffy white dress. Her betrothed on the other hand had not tripped his way down the aisle before and wanted to make some sort of a fuss (and rightly so.) They were both of the same mind however that when it came to a wedding they wanted it to only be about them.

So she made a list of things she would like (and of course consulted the lovely fella) and they agreed that they would love to pledge their love for one another with the sun on their backs and the sand between their toes. Weather in their part of the world (Australia) could be either fantastic or something that might destroy good hair and makeup so they came up with the idea to combine their wedding with a honeymoon and choose somewhere they would love to spend their first days as husband and wife. Once again they compared notes on places on their ‘bucket lists’ and thankfully right at the very top of both was Hawaii. A little more discussion and they both came to the conclusion that being married in Maui might tick off all the boxes on their wish list, and offered everything they were dreaming of.

married in mauiI did forget to mention that the NSY lady was a teeny tiny weeny bit of a ‘control freak’ so the only thing that was worrying her was to let go of most of the planning of their special day and place it in the hands of someone on almost the other side of the world who she had never met! Luckily enough an internet search (and perhaps the universe) pointed her towards Aloha Dream Weddings and from the very first ‘chat’ via email, she felt that their wishes were understood and she could leave so many of the details in the hands of Darci. Poor Darci may or may not have had to answer a myriad of questions which kept popping up but she did so with absolute grace and the utmost patience and at no time did the NSY lady feel worried or concerned that their vision was not understood. In fact don’t tell anyone, but she kind of enjoyed the letting go of doing everything once she realized that Darci was in total control and understood what they were looking for better than even they did. We let Aloha Maui Dream Weddings take care of getting us married in Maui.

Accommodation and plane tickets were booked and the search for a dress (and something fancy for the fella to wear) began but that was all they needed to worry their pretty little heads about. Darci suggested where and when (and even provided times for the sunset) and arranged every little thing from the fabulous memory capturing talents of Penny Palmer Photography to the licence appointment and a couple of gorgeous hair and makeup gals to ensure that the NSY lady looked quite frankly the best she had looked in many a year.

married in mauiTheir married in Maui day was everything they had wished for. Her fella had to wipe away tears when he watched her walk towards him along the beautiful beach setting Darci had chosen and the ceremony she wrote for them after ‘listening’ to who they were was truly perfect. The beach was all theirs and their magical ceremony was just about them – exactly as they both wanted without truly knowing that they did and if you ask them both today (2 blissful years down the track) if they would change anything there is not one thing that comes to mind.

And … they lived happily ever after

Highlights of the week from your Maui Wedding Planners!

Events in HawaiiThis week there’s some hidden gems happening around Maui… Your Maui Wedding Planners want to make sure that you don’t miss a beat while you’re on island!


Aloha Maui Dream Weddings appreciates you and would like to be more than just your Maui Wedding Planners. We keep our ears to the ground and collect information on upcoming events. If you’d like your event listed here, please feel free to send us the information.  Often we’ll attend these events and capture them in photographs to blog about later. We appreciate the fantastic community that we’re a part of here on Maui.

Aloha kakou!


May 3rd – Stella Blues Cafe will be featuring the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Group – now who can say THAT won’t be a hoot? This is part of their late night series so take your naps early and go check out Stella Blues!


May 4th is the 24th annual Maui Onion Festival. If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love this! This year the featured chefs are Chris Kulis, James McDonald, JoJo Vasquez, Kevin Hanney, Nick Mastrascusa, and Sheldon Simeon. There’s going to be so many flavors to try that it’ll be hard to chose so bring an appetite!

• Free admission
• Recipe contests
• Games & prizes
• Beer garden
• Maui Onion Pairing Dinner, May 3
• Chef demonstrations • Free parking
• Live entertainment
• Food booths
• Special retailer offers, April 29 – May 4
• Maui Onion Challenge
• Facebook Photo Contest

How can you go wrong? Check out more information on their website.


May 5th – don’t miss Glenn Frey at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center – show starts at 7:00, tickets are $55, $79, $89 and a limited number of $129 premium seats. Do you remember Mr. Frey? Legendary Eagles singer-songwriter and co-founder… Come listen in as “The Heat is On”!!


May 9th – Want to try something totally different than the normal concerts and golf? How about The New Moon Ceremony at the Temple of Peace in Haiku, Maui?
they’re located at 575 Haiku Road in Haiku, Maui. Contact them at 310-415-8821 for more information.


May 10th – Here’s a special “our treat to you” recommendation…  Valley Isle Day Spa is having a very special Spa Party – you must reserve your space ahead of time! Plan your fun Friday night, May 10th from 6-9pm around this crazy-fun event! Try massages, aromatherapy or exfoliation for free! Pupu’s and beverages will put you in the mood! Call 808-298-9246 and tell them “Penny Palmer Photography” recommended you go to get a reservation!


May 11thDarci’s Birthday… the most important event on this calendar!

May 11th – So, if you’re not going to be with me celebrating my birthday, then I recommend you check out HAPA who’ll be performinig at Stella Blue’s Cafe.  They’re having the famous “Supper Club” where $60 gets you a four course meal and a show… nice way to wind out the day.


This brings us to Mother’s Day and that day I’ll be celebrating with my own Mom who’ll be visiting from California. :)

May 15th – The incredibly awesome, always amazing Soul Kitchen will be playing at Fleetwood’s in Lahaina. We’ll be there cheering them on! Come over and check them out and help them sing me a Happy Birthday! LOL


Have a great week!   E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe!

Wedding Celebrant in Action!

Picking your wedding celebrant for a wedding in Hawaii?    Let us help!

Wedding CoordinatorWith all the choices of wedding coordinators, wedding planners or wedding officiants, planning a paradise wedding can be an ominous task! With all the permits, regulations and licenses from the State of Hawaii, your efforts shouldn’t be spent trying to figure them out- they should be spent dreaming up how you want your celebration!  At Aloha Maui Dream Weddings, we aim to simplify the process and let you stay focused on enjoying your special day.


We specialize in intimate weddings designed to focus on the wedding party. We listen to your desires, provide options and follow through promptly and effectively.


a paradise weddingMeet James and Sarah. They fell in love and decided that getting married was what they wanted. They gave us the highlights of what a paradise wedding meant to them and let AMDW, the wedding planner, do the rest. They had a beautiful sunset wedding overlooking the Pacific Ocean… from rose petals surrounding the lava rock to Tiffany rings and champagne toasts, they took their relationship to the next level – married March 24, 2013!

Hawaii Marriage License

They provided the background on how they met and what their love means to them and we helped them write their vows and ceremony. They wanted a wedding in paradise and wanted it quickly – we can do that, no worries! Within a week we were able to do their wedding planning, and create their dream wedding.  We have vendors that make leis, DJs that can provide music for the first dance, photographers to capture the moments,  and private chefs that can make the best reception dinners on Maui! You tell us what you’d like and we’ll show you all your options!


Wedding in ParadiseWith their new relationship blessed and a few friends standing by, we proceeded to their reception. But Aloha Maui Dream Weddings wanted to go one step further for the happy couple and finalized their Hawaii marriage license while they waited.  We aim to always under promise and over deliver. That and the quality of care you receive with us makes us stand out from the rest. A wedding in paradise is affordable and you shouldn’t sacrifice quality to have it. Give us a call!

Mahalo nui loa – come get married with us!